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Harry Potter


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PostSubject: Harry Potter   Thu 26 Dec 2013, 16:47

Birth Name
First Name: Harry
Middle Name(s): James
Last Name: Potter
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: N/A

Birth Records
Birthday: July 31
Year: Second
Birthplace: Godrics Hollow
Nationality: British, Caucasian
Current Home: 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, England
Blood Status: halfblood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): N/A
Mother: Lily Potter
Father: James Potter
Other: Aunt: Petunia Dursley; Uncle: Vernon Dursley; Cousin: Dudley Dursley; Godfather: Sirius Black
Guardian: Petunia and Vernon Dursley

Maternal History: Lily was the eldest daughter born to a muggle family with one younger sister, Petunia. She discovered at a young age that she had magic, and had remarkable control over it for a child and loved showing it off to Petunia. But when she went to Hogwarts, her sister grew jealous and they had a falling out. She quickly made friends with a young boy in her neighborhood, Severus Snape, and kept in touch with him when they went to school. When they went to school, they slowly fell apart as Severus got involved in the dark arts. But Lily slowly developed a new friend – James Potter. At first, she hated him and thought him a horrible bully. But eventually she fell for him and, when they graduated, they soon married and had a son.

Paternal History: James was the only child of a pureblood family. He was a very sociable boy and quickly made a close group of friends when he went to school: Sirius, Lupin, and Peter. James was a very smart boy, who had no trouble in school. But he did not really put all that much effort in, preferring to have fun. His version of 'fun' was often at others expense. Sometimes he was funny, but often he was more of a bully. But he was charming, light-hearted, and a very loyal friend. He fell in love with Lily at a young age, but it took him a long time to win her over. But, in the end, he wound up managing to get her to marry him.

Play By: [Radcliffe, Daniel]
Hair: disorderly, medium-length, black.
Eye: bright green
Skin Tone: white
Body: He's short and scrawny, very light
Clothing: He wears big, baggy clothes that are too big for him: hand-me-downs from his cousin. He also wears a pair of big glasses that, during the summer, are broken so often that he just has a piece of tape wrapped around the middle.
Other: A lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.

Your Childhood Before School: The first year of Harry's life was nearly perfect. He was pretty much locked up inside his house with his parents for safety, but he was well loved. His parents adored him, and his godfather spoiled him. But when he was one, Voldemort came to his house to kill him. His parents both died in his name, saving Harry, who got away with nothing but a scar.

Since then, he has been raised by his only living relatives: his muggle aunt and uncle, and their son. They did not want him and despise magic. They only kept him because Dumbledore told them to. He has always been neglected and ignored, and sometimes even abused in the hopes of beating the magic out of him. His cousin was the leader of a group of bullies, who loved picking on Harry. Thus, he spent much of his childhood avoiding his family and trying to outwit his cousin.
Happiest Memory: He's not even sure if it's a memory, but just him with his parents. If that is not a real memory, then when Hagrid came and told him he was a wizard. He still has trouble even believing it, but he was thrilled all the same. He would get away from his family, and there was something that made him special. Whats more, he was incredibly curious about magic.
Worst Memory: The night his parents died. He didn't see his father die, but his mother died right in front of his eyes, begging and crying and screaming and pleading. Luckily, he was incredibly young at the time and doesn't really remember it, save small pieces  such as a flash of green light, or when dementors are around.

Personality: With no strong adult figures in his life, Harry has had to make his own decisions from a young age. His method for doing so has always been to simply follow his conscience. He has strong morals, but tends to see the world in black and white. However, though his moral codes are never to be broken, things such as school rules never bother him all that much. He is incredibly brave and selfless, and would sacrifice himself for another in a heart-beat. Especially for a friend, As Harry is very loyal, and would do anything to protect those he cares about. He is also excessively trusting of his friends. Harry is easily angered, and can be rather impulsive. He is a fighter, and never backs down or takes an insult laying down. He hates bullies, and will stand up for others as well. While he never initiates a fight, he is hardly reluctant to take part in one.

He is incredibly curious to the point of being nosy, and has no problem with sneaking around trying to figure out what is going on. He makes everything his responsibility, but would rather it not be. All he wants is a normal life, but he was born in the spot-light. Despite hating this fact, he copes with it well and is actually a great leader, as well as a teacher. However, he rarely recognizes his achievements. He is not simply being modest – he honestly does not think very highly of himself. He is prone to self-doubt, and tends to blame himself for things he could not possibly have prevented. While he does not forgive himself very easily, he is very forgiving of everybody else and would offer them as many chances as they might need to right their wrongs.
Likes: Quidditch, magic, hearing about his parents, good food, feeling as though he belongs
Dislikes: prejudice, cockiness, bullies, his family, being in the spotlight (though he copes well with it)
Fears: Making a large moral mistake, those he cares about getting hurt, loosing site of right and wrong, never belonging, not living up to people's expectations, fear itself
Hobbies: Quidditch, wizards chess, just hanging out with friends, reading (some of the time)
Habits: At least one habit that a person has, whether good or bad or simply there.
Strengths: He is very talented at magic, especially Defense Against the Dark Arts. He's a fantastic flier, speaks parseltongue, is a natural leader and a good teacher, he's smart and good at making plans, he's got strong conscience, and good instincts. He still has a remarkable capacity for love, despite growing up without it. His mother's sacrifice, which protects him from Voldemort. His wand, which shares a core with Voldemort's and can act of its own accord.
Weaknesses: He's overly curious which tends to make him put his nose were it does not belong, he is brave to the point of foolishness, he is easily angered, impulsive, fiercely loyal and selfless to the point of foolishness and even self-sacrifice, he has little respect for the rules, he suffers from self-doubt and tends to blame himself for things that aren't his fault, he is perhaps too trusting of his friends, he tends to see the world in black and white
Worst class: Potions (though this is largely because of the teacher)
Best class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Traits: Selfless, Curious, Loyal
Values: There is good in everybody, everybody deserves a chance as well as second chances and however many more you can possibly give, everybody is equal: you are no better than anybody else. Some rules are silly, but moral codes are never to be broken under any circumstances. Trust your friends and keep them safe. If you live in this world, then everything is naturally your business and your responsibility. Nobody deserves to suffer or to die. You should always stand up for what is right, no matter the consequences.
Thing(s) They Love: His toy soldiers. They are some of few things that are his yet Dudley hasn't worn down. They offer him a reprieve from reality.

First sign of Magic:

Harry lay in bed, unable to sleep. He knew that he was going to be laughed out of school tomorrow. After rolling over once more, trying to get comfortable, he reached up a hand to feel his practically bear head. His aunt had gotten upset about his disorderly hair yet again, and had decided to cut it herself. She cut almost all of it off, leaving him practically bald, save his bangs. 'To hide that dreadful scar' as his aunt put it. Ironically enough, that 'dreadful scar' was the one part of his appearance that Harry actually liked.

He knew tomorrow would be dreadful. He was already looked down upon for his baggy clothes, for his taped glasses. And just because Duddly's gang did, and people didn't like to disagree with Duddly's gang. Harry rolled over yet again, trying desperately to fall asleep. Being sleep deprived would only make tomorrow worse. But then, maybe he would get sick! If he got sick he might not have to go to school, if it was bad enough!

But he did not get sick for, after a long restless night, he finally did manage to fall into a light doze. He probably didn't get all that much sleep and, when his aunt came banging on his door to wake him up, he was very slow to open his eyes. It took him a while to wake up enough to remember what had happened last night, and by then he was already picking spiders off clothes to put on. As the memory struck him, his eyes flew wide open in panic, and he instinctively reached up to feel his bare head. Only to find that it wasn't bear anymore. All of his hair had grown back. A grin appeared on Harry's face and he started to laugh with relief. But the laughter quickly died when he realized that his aunt was going to throw a fit.

Which house your character feels they belong in:

Harry stood next to Ron in a rough line in the Great Hall, listening to the hat sing. He felt queasy. He was expected to try that on in front of everybody? But what if he didn't belong here? He still couldn't quite believe Hagrid. How could he,raised by the perfectly normal Dursleys, be a - a wizard? Surely, when Harry put on the hat, it would merely burst out laughing and inform the whole hall that this was all a great mistake, Harry Potter was no wizard. And then the whole hall would be laughing at him, and Harry would be sent off packing for home again. Back to the Dursleys.

Besides, even if he was a wizard, he wouldn't fit into any of those houses. 'You might belong in Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart," the hat had said. Well, Harry definitely did not belong there. He did not feel brave at the moment - he felt terrified. He was going to be laughed at, and then sent back to the Dursleys, and that scared him...

To take his mind off this fear, he forced himself to continue pondering the houses. 'You might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil.' Well, at the moment he was very patient. He would be willing to wait to put on that hat for days if they wanted. He didn't mind waiting for the humiliation. No, he mustn't think of that. But this house wouldn't do, either. He wasn't all that loyal. Though, admittedly, he supposed that might be because he'd never had anybody to be loyal to.

"Or yet in wise old Ravenclaw, if you've a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind." He didn't feel very quick of wit right now. Just queasy. Besides, he wasn't really all that into school. Sure, he always got by with decent grades, but it wasn't really his defining trait, surely? And even if he did get by, he hardly had a ready mind. He wasn't really all that smart.

"Or perhaps in Slytherin you'll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends." Even the hat couldn't make this house look good, though it had done well with the others. He remembered what Ron had said: 'not a witch or wizard went bad that wasn't in Slytherin.' He could only hope he did not belong there. He didn't want to be a bad wizard... if he truly was a wizard at all. And he would like to think that he wouldn't sacrifice his morals for the sake of achieving his goals.

Harry was interrupted from these thoughts as McGonagal's clear voice rang through the hall, "Potter, Harry." Harry ignored the whispers that suddenly filled the hall as he stepped forward. He sat on the stool and caught one last glimpse of Ron before the hat fell over his eyes. In this instant, he decided that he didn't care all that much where he wound up, so long as it wasn't Slytherin. All he asked was that he not be sent home, and that he be in the same house as his new friend.

Which house you feel your character belongs in:

Obviously, Harry is selling himself very short. He is clearly a Wizard, first of all. But I'd also argue that he could easily belong in all of the houses. He is verily smart, even if it isn't booksmart. He is incredibly loyal, though not all that patient. For Slytherin, I actually do not see why the hat thought he belonged there so much. He speaks parsletongue, he has a disregard for the rules, he's resourceful and determined. But he lacks the fundamental trait of Slytherins: ambition. He would be perfectly content to live a normal life. But Harry is meant to be a Gryffindor. Not only because it seems rather sealed in fate, but also because he truly is incredibly brave. He is not easily scared and, when he is, he faces that fear instead of hiding from it. He is also chivalrous and completely selfless.


Credit to Emz

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