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 Fred & George Weasley

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Fred & George Weasley


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PostSubject: Fred & George Weasley   Fri 27 Dec 2013, 15:24

Birth Name
First Name:
Middle Name(s):
Last Name: Weasley
Suffix: N/A
Fred, Forge, George
Gred, Fred

Birth Records
Birthday: April 1
Year: Fourth
Birthplace: St. Mungo's Hospital, London
Nationality: English
Current Home:The burrow just outside Ottery St. Catchpole
Blood Status: Pureblood

Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Percy Weasley, George Weasley, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley
Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Percy Weasley, Fred Weasley, Ron Weasley, Ginny Weasley
Mother: Molly Weasley
Father: Arthur Weasley
Other: A lot of other relatives
Guardian: Molly and Arthur Weasley

Maternal History: Molly Weasley was born the youngest of three. She was raised in a family that while more elitist than the Weasley family was not completed obsessed with pure-blood purity. They fought in the first wizarding war against Voldemort and both of Molly's brothers were killed. Molly was taught to fight for what she believed in and also inherited the legacy of a family that was in the order. She went onto marry Arthur Weasley and become even more that way.

Paternal History: Arthur and his siblings were born to a pure-blood family. He grew up with the idea that all people should be equal. Some of his family members believed in this and others leaned more towards the slightly more purist side. His parents never pushed him to join the order as he got older, or share the same beliefs as them and at first he merely focused on marrying Molly and having their children. Joining the order slightly later in life.

Play By:
[Phelps, James]
[Phelps, Oliver]
Hair: A vibrant red, straight yet messy, medium-length
Eye: brown
Skin Tone: white, slightly tan
Body: They're slightly taller than average, relatively thin yet also verily muscular
Clothing: They tend to wear magical clothes, but are pretty decent at dressing as muggles when they want. They prefer casual clothes, but don't mind dressing up when necessary. Whatever they're wearing, they generally match, and it is generally hand-me-downs from their three older brothers.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Fred and George were born into the midst of the first wizarding war. They were three by the time it ended and, though their parents tried to hide the fact that it was occurring at all from them, they knew that something was off. They could sense their parents' tension, though they would not understand the cause until much later. And so they took it upon themselves to lighten their load, make them laugh a little. And they've made this their responsibility ever since.

The twins were the fourth and fifth sons to a very large pureblood family. Fred and George were encouraged, albeit unintentionally, to be very close to eachother. They shared a room for simplicities sake, they were often dressed in matching outfits because their mother thought it was cute, they often shared clothes and toys with eachother. But the twins took to this treatment easily, for they actually wound up being very similair people and got along incredibely well. Fred and George spent almost all of their time together, to the point where they knew eachother so well that they hardly needed to bother to talk in order to communicate.

The boys adored their family. They were taught by their older brothers to play Quidditch, and both immediately took to the beater position. They were generally supposed to be on opposite teams because of this, but often wound up 'forgetting' and working together, anyways. When Fred and George were two, their younger brother was born. He became their favorite subject for testing pranks. A year after him came their younger sister, who the twins adored perhaps the most of all their siblings, and became very close to. They tended to make fun of their family, and spent their childhood trying to make people laugh. But they also loved them more than anything, and grew very protective of them – especially their younger siblings.
Happiest Memory: When their baby sister was born. Fred and George were three, and their mother was rushed to Mungo's late at night with their father accompanying her. Fred, George, Percy, and Ron were left in the care of Bill and Charlie. The oldest Weasley brothers were still fairly young, and quite excited for the latest addition to the family themselves. Thus, they let the others stay up all night, save Ron who didn't really understand what was going on and crashed at his normal time. Fred and George spent the entire time alternating between making jokes about the baby having three heads or something abnormal like that, picking out goofy names, and running to the window to see if the owl was back yet, to tell them they could come to Mungo's. Finally, near morning, the owl finally came. It didn't say much – just that they could come. Bill whent and got Ron, and they all took turns using the flu network to get to the hospital. They were lead to their mum's room, barged in, and found that they had a baby sister. The twins were thrilled. Of course, they had loved Ron's birth as well, but they could remember Ginny's a little better. Plus, everyone was so thrilled to have a girl in the family. And, as time passed, the twins became a lot closer to their sister than any of their other siblings.
Worst Memory: When they were seven, Fred and George tried to have Ron make the unbreakable vow. It was all going splendidly – they had knocked their mum's wand, they had convinced Ron to play along, Fred had Ron's hand, George had the wand aimed and was just starting to pronounce the words for the spell... and then their dad found them. The twins have always been intimidated by their mother's anger, but they are also used to it. Their father, on the other hand, never got mad at them – he always took their jokes in good humor. But this was different – their father was completely furious, perhaps even more so than their mother had ever been. He screamed at them for a good long while, and they pieced together exactly what had been wrong with it – they could have killed their fice-year-old brother. They got a good beating from their father – the worst they've ever had – but what was even worse was the guilt as they realized they could have lost Ron, and it would have been their fault. They learned that day that there needed to be limitations to what they did – that there was a thin line between fun pranks, and dangerous bullying. They haven't gone near the Dark Arts since.

Personality: In most ways, Fred and George are almost identical when it comes to their personality, to the point where they might even be seen as one person rather than two. They both always seem to know what's going on in the other's head and when they're talking to eachother, they often don't even bother to complete their sentences because the other already knows what they intend to say. Similarly, when they are talking to other people, they like to take turns talking, completing the others thoughts. They enjoy trading names and seeing if anyone will notice. They are both light-spirited and funny, and love nothing more than a good laugh. They enjoy a good prank, and sometimes have a hard time recognizing their boundaries. They don't care much for school and get lousy marks, but they are actually very bright and can master most magic they need for their pranks, when they want to. They are also very creative and inventive, and enjoy making their own spells, potions, and devices. They have no respect for the rules, and have no trouble with getting themselves in trouble. They are not easily scared, and cope well with fear when they are.

However, there are a few differences between the twins that set them apart. Fred tends to be slightly more outgoing and the leader of the twins. Odds are, he is the one to speak first. But he can also be slightly more callous and less moral than his twin. George, on the other hand, is much more tactful and persuasive. He is also more compassionate and moral and will be the first to offer assistence to others. He can still be rather callous when dealing with people he doesn't like, but he is slightly better than his twin. Both twins act incredibely cocky, but Fred more than George. And George is also known to make jokes at his own expense, as well as others.
Likes: Quidditch, laughter, jokes, pranks, having fun, cool things that others seem to be afraid of (spiders, snakeds, etc), their large family, trying to confuse people by pretending to be the other twin, breaking rules, exploring, inventing, getting money, showing off, girls and flirting (though more in a fun, light-hearted way than actually serious)
Dislikes: people insulting their family, being stuck in class, being bored, being sad or serious, rules, being immobile, slurs against muggles
Fears: becoming permenantly immobile, loosing the ability to make people laugh, loosing someone in their family (especially the other twin), being responsible for the death or serious injury of someone they care about
Hobbies: Quidditch, exploring, pulling pranks, finding ways to make people laugh, collecting cool spiders and snakes and such from the forbidden forest, breaking rules for fun
Habits: They instinctively complete eachother's sentences.
Strengths: They have the Maurader's Map and, even without it, would know the castle inside and out, probably better than anybody else (save maybe the original Maurader's). They are great inventers and very smart, though they don't always act it. They are very loyal and brave. They have a talent for making people laugh, even in serious circumstances.
Weaknesses: They can be a tad callous, they have trouble taking anything seriously, they can be rather cocky, they are easily angered and very defensive of their family, they rely on eachother perhaps too much – if either one lost the other they would have trouble remembering how to be themselves without the other twin
Worst class: History of Magic (they see no practical value for it)
Best class: Charms
Traits: Funny, Inventive, Brave
Values: Stear clear of the Dark Arts. It's okay to give people what they deserve, but try not to be too cruel to those who don't deserve it. Rules are for sissies. Have fun, and make people laugh – never let people get too down, it's not healthy. Laughter truly is the best medicine.
Thing(s) They Love: The Maurader's Map, which tells them where everything in the school is – including secret passages. The only thing missing, which they do not know about, is the Room of Requirement.

First sign of Magic:

Fred and George had just been nagging their older brothers to tell them about the first time they had ever used magic. The twins were quite eager to start learning themselves, and saw no reason to wait until they were eleven to learn to control it and use it how they wanted. The problem was, they were only four, and needed to start using magic before they could learn to control it. But the had just learned the secret.

“So if we need to have strong feelings...” Fred began.

George nodded in agreement, seeming to already know what he was getting at. “Exactly.” He pondered a moment before deciding, “I guess we're just going to have to try and make us take it seriously...”

“And be really awful.” Fred agreed.

The twins looked at eachother hesitantly for a moment, and George decided with a laugh, “This is by far our worst idea ever.”

Fred fought off his smile. George was right – this was the first time he'd ever been hesitant to do something. He didn't want to be mean to his twin, and he didn't want to get angry at him, or upset. The thing he hated more than anything else was being upset. He would rather try and make them unusually happy. But they spent their whole lives laughing. And no magic yet. And they had both agreed that this was for the greater good. So no use drawing it out. He simply glared daggers at George and pointed out, “Yeah, well, it was your own stupid idea. So who's fault is that?”

“Oi, just because I for once want to come up with my own ideas instead of just following yours doesn't mean that you need to get all snotty about it!” George said heatedly back, taking his cue. He put all of his emotion behind the words, making himself genuinely angry. It was true after all.

“What's that supposed to mean?' Fred retorted furiously.

“It means that you're a no-good bossy scum-bag who thinks you can control me! You think you're the smartest, but you're just the cruelest!” George said, his voice rising to a yell. But they had carefully gone pretty far from the house, so they wouldn't be overheard.

Fred looked like he might actually cry. George didn't sound like he was joking, like they were doing this just to upset themselves. He sounded serious. “I am not!” He objected.

George's lip quivered slightly when he saw how upset he had made his twin and objected, “I wanna stop now.”

This did not comfort Fred, the reminder that it was all a show. But it did remind him why they were doing this and gave him the heat to yell back, “Of course, you have to have the last word! You always have to have the last word! Because you think you're so much better than me, you always have to have the punchline! Sure, it can be my idea, I can start it, but you want the credit!”

“I do not! You want the spot light just as much as me!”

“I do not! I just happen to get it, because I'm actually a good person!”

“Yeah, right! Why do you think Mum's always nicer to me than you, even when she's angry?! And Ginny loves me more, too! The whole family does! You're just a big, fat, delusional jerk!” George screamed back, but the words were hardly out of his mouth before Fred was on him, punching at his face. The two young boys were soon rolling through the mud, fighting. And then, as their anger and grief built, there was a large, frightening crack.

The twins fell apart to try and see what had happened, and saw a large tree branch had fallen not far from them. Suddenly, they seemed to remember it had all been just a show and both burst out laughing, suddenly just as happy and amused as they had been angry just moments before. Fred was the first to point at his twin and point out with evident amusement, “You're nose is running red!”

Soon, both of them were pointing at the other, laughing at their beaten appearances, filled with joy at their accomplishment, and completely forgetting that they had just been fighting. Well, not completely. Just as their laughter was dying and they got to their feet to go get their mother's care for their wounds and congratulations for their magic, George began firmly, “Never-”

Fred didn't need more than the one word to know what George was thinking, and to agree just as firmly “-Again.” The two boys gave eachother slightly guilty smiles before linking arms and running back to the house to get their mum.

What house your character feels they belong in:

Fred and George had spent a while exploring the train, getting to know what it looked like from the inside. They were thrilled to finally be on it themselves, after watching their brothers take it for most of their lives, but always being left behind themselves. But they had finally settled down in a compartment with a few other first years. They had all traded names, though they were already lost on which twin was which. They were all now discussing the houses. The twins didn't put in their own ideas for their own house, but rather made fun of the others as they analyzed themselves.

The others seemed to be taking this in good fun, as it was intended, but eventually Lee rolled his eyes and asked them, “Alright then, what house do you think you two will be in?”

“Gryffindor.” The twins answered instantly, in unison.

Lee laughed a little and said, “You sound pretty confident.”

The twins both shrugged and Fred said simply, speaking for both of them as though he knew full well what George was thinking as well as himself, “We are.”

Noting that Lee was about to open his mouth and object, George began explaining, “Our whole family has been.”
“That's three brothers.”

“That's two Gryffindor Prefects-”

“And another guaranteed on the way.”

“And two Gryffindor Quidditch players.”

“And another two on the way,” Fred added confidently with a wink to make it clear he was talking about them.

“Not to mention our parents.”

“And Aunts”

“And Uncles”

“And Cousins”

“All in Gryffindor.”

“Given our track record” Fred continued with a cocky grin.

“You'd they'd have realized by now just how awesome our family is in Gryffindor.” George agreed.

“And seeing as how us two are the best of the crop,” Fred continued.

“No offense to our dear sister on the way, who makes a close third,” George cut in.

“Though mainly just because she does what we tell her to.” Fred agreed with a grin.

“And we are the most awesome.”

“So they would obviously have to be foolish not to lay claim to us”

“Before we even get there, if they're smart.”

“Plus the fact that, on top of being amazingly amazing”

“We are also incredibely brave.”

Lee snorted and said teasingly, “And no problem with the ego, either, apparently.”

“What are you talking about? We're perfectly modest!” Fred objected, mock-offended.

George nodded confirmation and explained, “We're just being honest with you, Man.”

What house you feel your character belongs in:

Hmm... Well, I can honestly see them making good Slytherins. They've always known what they wanted to do - make a world-famous prank store and become filthy rich. In this sense, they are ambitious. And they are willing to do nearly anything to get to that point, and don't always appear to have the same moral constraints that others do. They could also make decent Hufflepuffs. While they hate working hard for what they consider to be no reason, they are more than willing to put in the hours if they think it will be worth it. And they are extremely loyal. They could also be great Ravenclaws. They are open-minded, and they are very smart, even if they don't always act it or get good marks.

But, as we all know, they were destined for Gryffindor. They do not back down just because they are afraid. They are probably the only Weasley kids who would ever dream of doing something just for fun whilst knowing full well it would incur their mother's wrath. They don't have a problem with Filch or the Forbidden Forest, either. And they are fully willing to risk their own necks if they think it is a good cause. They are also rather chivalrous, so long as people haven't shown themselves unworthy of it.

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Fred & George Weasley
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