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 New Friend

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Ginevra Weasley


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PostSubject: New Friend   Wed 11 Jun 2014, 21:32

Dear Moonlight Jr.,

Mum bought me


You write back?

Of course

Weird. Normally mum can't afford fancy things, like diaries with charms on them. I mean, she can always charm them herself. But I've never heard of a diary that writes back. It must be incredibly rare...

All the same, it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Tom.


That's a good name - I like it. Very pretty.

Thank you. Mum said she and dad fought over it for ages. They did the same thing with Bill - my oldest brother. They weren't sure if they'd get any more boys, so they both wanted it to be the best they could think of. I'm the seventh, but the first girl. And the last kid, too. So they took ages trying to choose their favorite girls name.

You must feel very special

Yeah, I guess. But... well, it can also be a pain. They always think I'm weaker, or more vulnerable, or something, because I'm the youngest, and the only girl. For example, the other month, all the boys got to go visit Charlie in Romania (he's the second oldest, so he's graduated and is a dragon tamer there). I was the only one who couldn't go. I mean, Ron's only a year older, but he got to! I have to fight twice as hard to be treated as their equal.

That does sound quite unfair. But at least you have a loving family, it sounds like.

Yeah, they are. I do love them all. And it's kind of great having six older brothers, if you ignore how you're looked down upon. Bill's a curse breaker, and he and Charlie always give us the best gifts, much to mum's annoyance. And Percy can be a bit annoying - he's a stickler for the rules, and a bit of a tattle tale - but he can also be fun when he wants to, and he really is brilliant. And Fred and George - they're twins, three years older than me - are hilarious. They're always pulling pranks, and making jokes. I spend a lot of my time with them. And Ron's great fun, too, and he's been around home the longest, since he's closer in age, while everyone goes off to Hogwarts. But I get to go this year!

It sounds like you've had a long wait. If Bill and Charlie already graduated, you must have been hearing about Hogwarts for a long time. I remember how excited I was, when I was able to go.

You went?!

Of course. This used to be my diary.

That's cool - that you can kind of live through this.

I guess it is. Though I can get only. I'm glad I have a friend again.

Yeah, It's kind of comforting to know that I'll have a friend this year, no matter what. I mean, I've waited for this for ages. Like you said - I grew up on tales of Hogwarts. But... well, I've really been enjoying this summer. Ron's friend, Harry

Harry Potter?

Uh, yeah. You know him?

Who doesn't?

Fair point. But, anyways, he's been visiting for a while now - apparently his family's awful, and they had bars on his window, and were starving him out. So Ron, Fred, and George went to help him, and brought him here. But it's been fantastic. I really like Harry. I mean... really, really like. He's just so kind, and modest, and smart, and... well, cute. Anyways, it's been great having him here. I just don't know how much I'll actually see them when we get to school. I mean, everyone else has friends already. Ron and Harry have Hermione; Fred and George have Alicia, Angelina, and Lee; even Percy has Oliver, Phelan, and Amber. I just worry that I won't make any friends, and they'll all be too busy to spend any time with me.

They're your family: they'll make time

Yeah, I guess. I'm just not sure that's any better. I mean, here, we're pretty much all we have. We're kinda out in the middle of nowhere, at the Burrow. Which I love, don't get me wrong - we have a huge garden, and we can play Quidditch, and everything. But it's not exactly conducive to making friends, outside of the family. So I don't really know people, save my brothers' friends, who have come to visit. So I'm close with my brothers. But I know it's not like that, elsewhere. Your family isn't meant to be your best friends. But I'm not sure I really know how to make other friends.

Well, you've managed to win me over.

But you're just... easy to talk to.

So are a lot of people. And if they aren't easy to talk to, then they probably aren't people you'd like as friends. You'll be fine.

Thanks. I have to go - mum's yelling dinner time. Bye Tom!

Bye, Ginny.


Credit to Emz
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New Friend
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