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 Oliver Wood

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Oliver Wood


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PostSubject: Oliver Wood   Tue 31 Dec 2013, 22:17

Birth Name
First Name: Oliver
Middle Name(s): Ares
Last Name: Wood
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: Olive and Ollie, but he hates them both, and few people other than the Weasley twins actually use them

Birth Records
Birthday: March 8
Year: Sixth
Birthplace: St. Mungo's, London, England
Nationality: British
Current Home: Wood Manor, England
Blood Status: half-blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Serai Wood (Deceased)
Mother: Willow Wood
Father: Trevor Wood
Other: N/A
Guardian: Willow and Trevor Wood

Maternal History: Willow was a sweet woman born to an old, rich, pureblood family. She was the middle of three children, with the other two brothers. She was raised to believe she was better than others, especially those poorer than her or with a 'lesser' blood status. In her isolated childhood, in which she knew nobody poorer or with muggle ancestors, Willow wholeheartedly believed this. But she was kind hearted and  sociable, and when she whent to school she quickly made friends. It wasn't until she was already attached to them that she found out that they were not purebloods. She was loyal to her family, and slow to throw away the lessons they had taught her. But she gradually realized her friends were just as good as her, and started to believe her parents had actually been wrong. When she fell in love with a halfblood, though his only muggle ancestor was generations off, her family was furious. But she knew they were wrong, and married her sweet-heart straight out of highschool. Her family disenherited her, and it broke her heart.

But Willow swore to start a new, large family of her own, and that she would be happy. She had trouble getting pregnant, but eventually had a son. Not long after, she fell pregnant again, this time with a girl. There were complications with the pregnancy, and she was advised to get rid of the child. But she, with her dreams of a huge family and a name already picked out for her baby girl, refused. In the end, she wound up loosing her child anyways, who was born much too early. She could easily have lost her own life, and was ill for almost a full year after. But she gradually recovered, though she has been slightly weak ever since, and is incapable of having any more children. Her son was still young at the time, so they never told him of his lost little sister, and Willow decided to poor all of her love into her husband and son, the only family she now had left.

Paternal History: Though not technically so, Trevor's family might as well have been a pureblood one. He had a great-great-great-grandfather on his mother's side who was a muggle, but the relation was so far off that he hardly knew anything about the muggle world. But he was quite proud of his heritage, finding the muggle world so foreign it was almost mystical. But he was never all that into academics, and never really bothered to look into it. His obsession was always Quidditch. However, he was never as good at it as his older brother, his only sibling. Trevor never even made it onto his school's team.

But Trevor eventually found another obsession: Willow Heartstrung. He fell in love, and soon the two began dating. When Willow's brothers found out, they were furious and came to try and get Trevor to leave her alone. When he refused, they got into a duel, but Trevor managed to win by stunning them both – though Quidditch was his passion, he was far better at Defense Against the Dark Arts. He was not scared off in the least, far too in love. When he was in his last year at Hogwarts, Trevor proposed to Willow. She happily agreed, and the two married almost as soon as they graduation.

Trevor started a family, and was deepily in love with his wife and son. He knew he could not provide for them as a Quidditch player, he became an auror instead. He was good at it, much better than at Quidditch, and quickly rose through the ranks. Between his family's money (they were quite wealthy, and his brother a Quidditch star) and the money he made, his family lived a more than comfortable life. However, he never got over his love of Quidditch, and pushed his son to be even greater than his brother. He did this because he loved Oliver and could see how much he loved the sport, but also for the more selfish reasons of an old sibling rivalry with his brother (if Trevor couldn't be better than him, then at least his son could), and because he hoped to live through Oliver's success.

Play By: [Biggerstaff, Sean]
Hair: Short, dark brown, straight, generally disorderly and wind-blown from flying
Eye: brown
Skin Tone: white, slightly tan
Body: well built and burly. He is skinny and light enough to be fast and agile, due both to the amount of exercise he gets and his tendancy to forget to eat. Yet he is also strong enough to have a commanding presence, and through things long range.
Clothing: Quidditch robes. He is literally always wearing them, in case he might need to fly – which he generally does. Except on special occasions when he needs to dress up, in which case he does so rather traditionally.
Other: He has a nice sized scar on his side from a bad fall off his broom.

Your Childhood Before School: Oliver had wealthy parents who lived in a large house, with a full-sized Quidditch pitch in the yard, all of which was cloaked from muggle view. His father was very busy with work, but his mother was weak and had taken to being a stay-at-home mother. She took good care of him, refusing Oliver's father's suggestion of getting a house-elf to help out. She insisted upon raising her son herself. She was rather weak at times, and Oliver learned to try not to upset her, and would take care of himself whenever she needed a rest, being very responsible from a young age.

Oliver fell in love with Quidditch at a young age, introduced to it by his father and uncle. His father gifted him a toy broom that he rode around on constantly. He then advanced to a real broom much younger than he should have. He pushed himself, and learned as much as he could from his father, soon surpassing him. He then made his uncle, a professional Quidditch player, help him. He loved playing and tried to convince everyone to join him. He knew his mother worried, and kept all injuries a secret from her. When they were really bad, he would tell his dad, but still hide it from his mother. His father never worried, though, and pushed Oliver very hard. But Oliver did not seem to notice, and pushed himself even harder than his father. He pretty much did nothing but fly throughout his entire childhood, and by the time he went to school, he was already a great player, and a very strategic one at that.
Happiest Memory: The first time he flew a real broom. He was much too young to be on one, yet he managed it very well. And the speed and altitude thrilled him, and he decided that instant that there was nothing better than being on a broom, hearing the wind whistling in your ears.
Worst Memory: He took a nasty tumble off his broom, the one he got a scar from. He was only nine at the time, but he had experienced  his share of bad falls already, and coped well with it. What scared him was that it was bad enough he had to be taken to the hospital, which meant his mother had to be notified. She was freaked, and refused to let him on a broom again for almost a whole month.

Personality: First and foremost, Oliver is obsessive. If he cares about something at all, then he is completely obsessed with it, and will give it 100% of his effort. Especially Quidditch, which he has made his life. Any spare moment he has, and even moments that aren't spare and he just can't stop himself, he is either on a broom playing Quidditch or mapping out strategies for it. He has made Quidditch his life, and would happily give it up for the game. He is in love with the idea of making the perfect team and winning the cup for his house before he graduates. He pushes his team hard, and expects them to be willing to put in as much as he does. While he thinks they should should be willing to die for the game, he is very protective of them and sees them rather as a family and can, at times, act and feel rather like a father-figure to them. If any of his team are in the hospital wing, he will be the first one there to make sure they are okay. He hates loosing, but he always plays by the rules and is very fair.

Oliver also manages to find the time to get straight O's in his classes, and flips out if any of his grades are less than perfect. He does love learning, and tends to overload himself with classes, though he then later regrets it because it takes away from Quidditch time. Feeling the need to put in an impossible amount of time to each, he pulls his fair share of all-nighters, and at times appears to be running fully on caffeine. He is brutally honest: he does not always share what he is thinking, but he will never lie. He is also very pationate and a great leader and very modest.
Likes: playing Quidditch, watching Quidditch games, learning, the Quidditch pitch, quaffles, Quidditch, reading, honesty, Quidditch
Dislikes: lies, half-hearted attempts at anything, his team getting hurt, cockiness, loosing, not being able to play Quidditch, getting in trouble and breaking rules
Fears: becoming incapable of playing Quidditch, loosing someone he cares about - especially his mother or his girlfriend or a team member, never winning the Quidditch cup, not getting on a professional Quidditch team
Hobbies: Quidditch, reading, Quidditch, collecting Quidditch cards, flying, Quidditch, making Quidditch strategies, Quidditch, giving speeches
Habits: He tends to start daydreaming about Quidditch at random points. He takes showers when upset, he ruffles his own hair when he hasn't been on the pitch for too long – it feels off not windblown. His whole forehead wrinkles when he's confused.
Strengths: he's a fantastic flier, he's smart, he's dedicated, he's a good leader, he's modest, he's fair
Weaknesses: he's obsessive, he can be rather naïve, he can be too honest, he's not always very good at understanding people, he's competitive, he's very protective of those he cares about
Worst class: Divination
Best class: Transfiguration
Traits: Competitive, Honest, Obsessive
Values: Do or do not, there is no try: if you are going to try something at all, then you might as well give it your 100%, and if you're in it at all then you might as well be in it to win.  Be honest: you don't necessarily have to share everything on your mind, but never tell a lie. A team is a family, and you take care of them. Never let anything impare your judgement. Quidditch is the best thing born to man, and you should never insult it – preferably you should worship it – and it is definitely worth dying for.
Thing(s) They Love: His broom. He got it in his second year, a present from his father after making the team. Thus it's slightly outdated now, but he refuses to get a new one because he has been through a lot with it and trusts it greatly.

First sign of Magic:

It was Oliver's fourth birthday, and he woke up at the crack of dawn for it. He came pitter-pattering down the stairs, to find that his father was already up. He looked very excited. In front of him sat a handful of gifts, including a few from his parents and then a couple that had been owled from his grandparents and uncle. But there was one in specific that caught his eye – a long parcel, that grew thick at the end. He knew already what it was, and he rand forwards, wide-eyed. He picked the parcel up, feeling it, confirming his suspicion. Oliver looked up at his dad and asked excitedly, “Is it a broom, Dad?!”

His dad merely smiled mysteriously at him and said, “You'll find out when Mum wakes up.” Oliver frowned at this, very excited now that he thought he was going to be getting a broom. His mother had insisted he couldn't have one for another four years. But maybe his dad had talked him down! Catching Oliver's look, his dad informed him with a smile, “She'll want you to wake her up. But let's give her another half hour to sleep, as a treat?”

Oliver considered this before nodding his consent with a grin and going to fly his toy broom around the house while he waited. Finally, his dad gave him permission to run back up the stairs and awake his mother, who happily wished him a happy birthday and gave him a hug. Oliver then ran back downstairs, pulling his mother by the hand. He immediately started on the gifts, beginning with the one he thought was a broom. He tore off the paper and, sure enough, there sat the latest model. Oliver grinned and leapt to his feet, saying in a rush after running to give his parents hugs, “Thankyoumumthankyoudad!” Then, turning eagerly to his dad, “Show me how to use it, Daddy?”

His dad looked as though he'd been waiting to be asked, and happily lead Oliver outside. Forgetting about his other gifts, he allowed his father to explain the first step. As his father gave each part, Oliver followed them. He put his broom on the ground, put his hand over it, and ordered 'Up!” The broom immediately flew up to his hand and Oliver grinned at his dad, waiting for the next step. He did not even fully realize he had done magic, and his dad didn't point it out, both being much more intent on the flying.

What house your character feels they belong in:

Oliver was walking through King's Cross with his parents, heading for Platform Nine and Three Quarters for Oliver's first year at Hogwarts. He was pouting, moping about the fact that he couldn't bring his broom with him. What was the point of going to school if it meant he was not only unable to join the team, but also unable to use his own broom at all. His mother noted his expression and was trying to cheer him up, playing on his love of strategizing and analyzing, "What house do you think you'll be in, darling?"

"Does it matter?" Oliver said with a moody shrug.

"Oliver!" His dad snapped, always defending his mother.

"It's alright, dear." His mother assured his father, defending her son instead. But she did sound a little hurt.

Oliver looked between his parents, confused about what he had done. But he eventually pieced it together and said, "I only mean that I can join the team and do well either way." He hesitated a moment before deciding he might as well figure it out, anyways, if only for his mother's sake, "But, I suppose it could be any. I've got the ambition of being a great Quidditch player, so there's Slytherin. But Dad said that they also like to cheat, and I hate cheating. I could be in Ravenclaw, I think - I'm relatively smart, aren't I? But Dad said they don't do anything other than study, and I'd rather play. So maybe not. I could be in Hufflepuff like you, Mum. I work very hard, and I am very loyal - I've always loved the same Quidditch team for all my life! I hate it when people switch just because of how well they're doing. I guess I could be in Gryffindor like Dad, too. I'm kinda brave... I mean, I don't really think about danger all that much... but don't you need to get afraid in order to be brave and face it? Yeah, I'd probably be in Hufflepuff. Just like you, Mum!"

What house you feel your character belongs in:

I think Oliver's analysis is verily accurate. Actually, I think he could have made a great Hufflepuff, as well. But I also think he makes a great Gryffindor. He says he doesn't get afraid, and it is true that he doesn't really recognize danger like he should. But everybody gets afraid, and Oliver is no exception. And when he does, he faces it well, and will always do what he thinks is right, no matter the risk.


Credit to Emz
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Oliver Wood
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