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 Carmen Gabol

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PostSubject: Carmen Gabol   Sat 22 Nov 2014, 17:45

Birth Name
First Name: Carmen
Middle Name(s): Viktoriya
Last Name: Gabol
Nickname: Carmel, Carmen San Diego

Birth Records
Birthday: September 7th
Year: First year
Birthplace: England
Nationality: Bulgarian
Current Home: England
Blood Status: Pureblood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): None
Mother: Cassandra Frieta Gabol
Father: Joseph Gabol
Guardian: Her parents are her guardians.

Maternal History: Cassandra had a simple childhood in Bulgaria. She was taught by both her mother and father to value family and cherish it a lot. She had that drilled into her head until it was time for her to go to Drumstrang Institute. When she was fourteen years old she fell in love with the love of her life who was seventeen. They met when she was drowning and he saved her. It was love at first sight for both of them. He felt it unconventional with the ages but she insisted and went for what she wanted for her future family.

Paternal History: Joseph had a normal child but he had trouble just like everyone else. But when he attended Drumstrang Institute he had a troubling time with magic simply because he never wanted to pay attention. But when his parents threatened to kick him out of the Manor he started doing a lot better in school. He also got into Quidditch and started dating Cassandra at that time. Eventually they got married and had Carmen.

Play By: [Dobrev, Nina]
Hair: Her hair is something she treasures more than anything. Her long dark brown hair. It looks different almost everyday and that is a goal for her. She loves putting her hair in braids or curls the most and hates leaving it plain. You know something is wrong if her is just down and untouched.
Eye: She has almond-shaped deep brown eyes with thick eye lashes.
Skin Tone:  Her skin is a light olive complexion. Though during the summer she does get a bit darker. Lucky to be one of those girls that tans and doesn't burn.
Body: Carmen feels as if she is tall for her age, this being one of the few things she doesn't like about herself, she is between 4'9" and 5'0". She has a slim, but also athletic physique. Carmen has an oval face with fine bone structure.
Clothing: Carmen enjoys wearing either leggings or dark super-skinny jeans to show off her fit figure, along with either blue, purple, or black tank tops. She would almost always wear a black leather jacket over her clothes, either cropped, full length, buttoned or with a zipper. She loves wearing black high heeled booties, open-toed pumps, or tall, black boots. She wears a lot of jewelry like chain bracelets in either silver or gold, and a watch. She also likes to wear dark grey jeans, lower heeled boots and either black camisoles or long-sleeved shirts with lace sleeves. She will sometimes be seen in dresses and masks having a fondness for them.

Your Childhood Before School: Carmen had the luxury of growing up as an only child. Not only did she grow up as an only child but as a pure-blood one. Her mother, father, or the house elf went with her everywhere. When she started walking her mother put her on play dates with all magical children her age. Her Family was not a prejudiced family - but they did carry themselves with high standards. Her play dates did not always end well. She would try to steal the other child's toy, sippy cup, or push them over. The play dates soon ended when her magic started showing and she started taking their things with her magic. It seemed she had grown a sense of entitlement to the things around her at a young age.

Her mother was into family and learning your culture. So despite the fact the Gabols lived in England they all spoke Bulgarian the majority of the time. Her mother started teaching her everything there was to know about Bulgaria, her ancestors, and her families ties to the land. She also taught Carmen how to speak the language natively. While Carmen learned this she also took an interest in learning about vikings. She learned about vikings with the house elf on the side. While her mother taught her about family her father spoiled her and taught her Quidditch. He wanted her to excel at everything in life and Quidditch was not excluded in one of those things. She was eight when her dad decided to teach her and she was eager to learn and please her father.
Happiest Memory: Carmen's happiest memory has to be when her father told her the first bedtime story about Vikings. He had tucked her into bed and she had insisted on a bedtime story like she did every night, when it was his night to put her to bed. He had told her how the Vikings had crossed many oceans on their bare feet to reach new lands because they ran out of food and their Gods told them if they just stepped across it would be okay. The next day Carmen went with the house elf and bought a book on Vikings and learned the story wasn't true but she still loved it because it came from her father.
Worst Memory: Carmen's worst memory is when her pet kitten, named Wes, died. It died in the middle of the night at the end of her bed. She was six years old when it happened and when she woke up she moved to wake him up but the little guy wasn't waking up. She didn't know what was wrong with Wes until she took the dead kitten downstairs to her mom and she took it to her and explained to her.

Personality: Carmen always had a sense of self-preservation under even the smallest of situations. She's a very independent person and does not like being told what to do. Often times she will do the opposite of what someone says just to spite them, if she particularly does not like that person. Sarcasm and snark roll off her tongue almost as much as her flirtations without her even thinking about it. It can get her into trouble because she sometimes doesn't realise she is doing it and well, you can only imagine how that can go in certain situations. She is very cunning and uses her intelligence sometimes for the wrong thing. Like vengeful acts.

She is quick to yearn for the affections of others because she believes love is a thing to be cherished. Despite believing in this she has not had the luck to find it yet and often will use others affections to her advantages. She can be a really, really mean girl. Especially so if she decides she doesn't like you. Maybe she won't necessarily know why herself but if she doesn't like you, she doesn't like you. Carmen cares deeply but only for a few people, which would be her close friends and family. And even then if it came between her and them she would probably choose herself.

Being spoiled as a child really got her to hate the word no. So, she'll do whatever she has to to get what she wants. She's not afraid of much and even if she was she wouldn't show it. She may pick on others but she'll be damned if she'll see someone huger than someone else doing it and she'll stand up for them but of course only if she likes them, she's still Carmen, but that doesn't mean she'll join in, she just might send a hex towards the persons way to help.
Likes: Vikings, her hair, the colours blue, green, pink, and black, twirling, pretty things, being vain, winter and being in nature.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, oranges, the colour yellow, spaghetti, seeing people she loves hurt, crying and mustard.
Fears:  Spiders, and ending up alone
Hobbies: Reading books, potions, and Quidditch.
Habits: She twirls her hair around her fingers when shes nervous.
Strengths: Self-confident, she's a strategic thinking,  and efficent.
Weaknesses: Arrogant, impatient, stubborn, and cold.
Worst class: Care of Magical Creatures
Best class: Potions
Traits: Unforgettable, Survivor, and Mischievous  
Values: Never put anyone before yourself.
Thing(s) They Love: Her hair and her Viking books.

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Carmen Gabol
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