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 Ravenclaw - Aaliyah Night

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HIH Queen Emma of Awesome

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PostSubject: Ravenclaw - Aaliyah Night   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:02

Birth Name
First Name: Aaliyah
Middle Name(s): Faye
Last Name: Night
Nickname: Aly, Li, Liyah

Birth Records
Birthday: July 21
Year: Second
Birthplace:  St Mungos', London
Nationality: British
Current Home: Leicester, England, Night Manor (hidden from Muggle view)
Blood Status: Pureblood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): N/A
Mother: Amelia Night nee Shaye (Deceased)
Father: Andrew Night - Aaliyah is estranged from her father ever since she was four when Andrew left her after he blamed her for her mother's death in the Potion Explosion.  
Angela Night - Grandmother; died 1984
Mary Shaye - Grandmother; After Amelia died, Mary's and Aaliyah's relationship was a bit strained but the older woman soon came around after realising that Amelia's death wasn't really Aaliyah's fault.  
Lucas Night - Grandfather; Their relationship has always been good, even after Andrew clearly left Aaliyah after Amelia's death when he blamed the little girl for it. Aaliyah is currently Lucas' favorite grand-child.
Brandon Shaye - Grandfather; Their relationship is very good and always has been, even after Amelia diead. He didn't blame Aaliyah at all as he knew that it really was Amelia's and Andrew's fault for not keeping a better eye on the little girl and telling her that the Potion Lab was off limits to her for now.
Layla Barke nee Night - Godmother/Aunt; Layla's and Aaliyah's relationship has always been good even after Andrew left Aaliyah. Layla wanted to take in Aaliyah but because she was working full time, she couldn't take in Aaliyah knowing that she wouldn't be a good parent figure to her at the moment as Aaliyah needed someone to be there for her constantly after she watched her mother's death in front of her.
Mathew Barke - Uncle; Mathew's and Aaliyah's relationship has always been good and he loves the little girl as if she was his own daughter.
Jennifer Shaye nee Blackburn - Aunt; Aaliyah's and Jennifer's relationship is a pretty good one. The young woman wanted to take Aaliyah in but, just like her husband, couldn't because of all the travelling she was doing around the world.
Micheal Shaye - Uncle/Godfather; Micheal and Aaliyah have a very good relationship, even after Amelia died. He couldn't take Aaliyah in because he was always travelling with his work as a curse-breaker and he didn't want that kind of life for Aaliyah.  
Alex Night - Uncle; Alex's and Aaliyah's relationship was always tight. Alex always stuck by Aaliyah's side, never leaving her and making sure that she was well cared for. He took in Aaliyah after Andrew blamed her for Amelia's death and just dumped her at the family manor.
Other Aunt's and Uncle's that she is pretty much estranged from.
Guardian: Currently she is in the care of her uncle, Alex Night.

Maternal History: Amelia Shaye was born the youngest of the Shaye Family with two older brothers. She was the apple of their existence and her family always loved to spoil the little girl. As a witch brought up in a pureblood family, Amelia was taught to believe that purebloods were superior and better than others but at the same time she was brought up to not become a pureblood bigot that spouts nonsense, she was taught to do what was right. When she attended Hogwarts, Amelia was a Slytherin herself, just like many people from her family, including her older brothers. There she met her future husband, Andrew Night. When she graduated Amelia married Andrew and had a daughter, Aaliyah, a year later when she was 20 years old. Amelia was a bright witch and she took a master in Potions which she managed to achieve. At 24 years old, the young witch has lost her life in a Potions’ explosion that would’ve taken her daughters’ as well if not having called for an elf to take Aaliyah out of the room, where the 4 year old was standing in a corner, horrified at seeing her mother lose control of the potion after she ran into the room. She tried to stabilize her potion but in the end, she was too slow and everything exploded, taking the young witch’s life.

Paternal History: Born to Angela and Lucas Night, Andrew was born the oldest of the Night Family, with his younger brother, Alex, following him a year later and then their sister, Layla following five years after. He was brought up as the perfect pureblood heir, taught to believe everything was below him and that Lord Voldemorts’ way was the best way to go about it. When he attended Hogwarts, he became a Slytherin and there he met his wife, Amelia. When Andrew graduated Hogwarts he married Amelia in the perfect Pureblood wedding. A year later when his daughter, Aaliyah was born he became a father that taught his daughter everything he was taught from pureblood etiquette to how to think of others but, unlike his family, he taught Aaliyah to not become prejudiced towards others and try to make friends with anyone she wanted. When Amelia died in the potion explosion he blamed Aaliyah for it (even though he knew it really wasn't her fault as she really wasn't forbidden from entering the potion's lab) as the young girl barged into the potion room that made Amelia lose the control of the potion. Ever since then Andrew's and Aaliyah's relationship has been really strained and the only time they ever see each other is when the whole family has dinner nights.

Play By: Benson, Ashley
Hair: Aaliyah has wavy/curly, strawberry blond hair that goes just past her shoulders. Most of the time she keeps it down.
Eye: She has blue, round eyes that she inherited from her grandmother on her fathers' side.
Skin Tone:  She has a pale complexion that is inherited from her mother.
Body: She has soft but sharp facial features. She is a slender girl of 4ft 3 and weighs 77.6lbs.
Clothing: When not in a school uniform, Aaliyah tends to either wear shorts and tops with jackets or just summer dresses with high-heels when in summer and jeans and sweaters with ballet flats or boots when in winter. She doesn't exactly have any favorites.
Other: She has a scar n the side of her hip; she was 3 when she accidentally fell on a rugged metal piece and the metal cut so deep that a scar was left.

Your Childhood Before School: Being the only child in the family, Aaliyah was always spoilt but at the same time she was taught to behave accordingly and not like a rich spoilt kid that knows better than anyone else. From when she could talk and walk, the young witch was taught everything a pureblood girl should know, including how to act when attending Pureblood Balls, how to behave etc. Her father taught her everything he knew and more. Despite being taught that she should never lower herself to anyone, she was also taught to never act as if she was better than anyone else.

When Amelia died, Aaliyah was shunned by her father as he believed that it was her fault that Amelia died. Since then for quite a while Aaliyah became cold to nearly everyone around her, not trusting what the people around her started telling. She slowly started to come out of her cold shell when her aunts, uncles and grandparents' started to slowly break down that shell by being constant adult figures in her life.

However despite their prodding and pleadings, Aaliyah is still a bit of a cold girl to anyone who is an adult and not her family except from her father and other family members that she is estranged from.

Happiest Memory: Aaliyah's happiest memory would probably be when she for the first time did magic in front of her family after breaking a vase by accident. She was shocked and upset that the vase repaired it self and went back to where it was.
Worst Memory: Aaliyah can actually say that her worst memory would be when her father coldly told her, before he walked away from her, that Amelia's death was her fault and that she was no daughter of his.

Personality: Aaliyah is a cold girl to anyone that is an adult and she does not know and tends to keep a distance from them. It goes the same for children around her age however when she is around them she can easily forget the reason why she is cold and what happened though her happiness quickly disappears when someone mentions her parents and asks her about them. She tends to keep mostly to herself when she is around people and shy's away when other's try to befriend her but with enough prodding and pushing she can slowly become friendly.
Likes: The color green which was her mother's eye color, reading, flying, shopping and sometimes she also likes to annoy people when they are annoying her.
Dislikes: People who are prejudiced, people teasing her about her lack of parents, people who think that they are all that.
Fears: Being left by Alex and her other family members, darkness, explosions
Hobbies: Playing Wizard's Chess, Playing Quidditch, Playing the Piano
Habits: Bites her lip when she's nervous, twitches when she's annoyed
Strengths: Being strategic, thinking on her feet, helping people
Weaknesses: Doing something under pressure, keeping her cool when asked about her parents, keeping her opinions about people to herself.
Worst class: Transfiguration
Best class: DADA and Potions
Traits: Intelligent, Quick Minded, Slightly Selfish
Values: The one moral code Aaliyah abide's by is something that her grandfather taught her; 'Treat people as they treat you. No more, no less.'
Thing(s) They Love: The only thing Aaliyah values is a picture she has of her and her mother that was taken a few days before she died. She never goes anywhere without it.

First sign of Magic:

Aaliyah was just spending her day playing in the family room with her Uncle Alex and the two were throwing a ball back and forth between, a child’s Quaffle to be precise, when Aaliyah suddenly lurched forward as she tripped over her own two feet and the Quaffle flew out of her hands and landed smashing into a very pricey vase her grandmother had.

“…” The young girl stared at the broken remains of the vase for a good few minutes before tears started welling up in her eyes, not noticing her grandmother coming over to try and reassure her that everything was fine.

A sob escaped her lips before a pop sounded through the room and the vase was back, whole again on the table that it was standing on before. The shock of doing accidental magic made Aaliyah stop crying before she turned around and with a blinding smile she exclaimed.


Which house your characters feels they belong in:

Seeing Hogwarts for the first time was like a dream come true for Aaliyah, however that is not what the young blond haired 11 year old was concentrating on right now as she stood in the Great Hall with the other first years’ that were ready to get sorted.

What she was thinking about was which house would most suit her at the moment. First was the Gryffindor house, the house of the brave and chivalrous kind. They favored mostly light families but there was the occasional Dark Family child that went there when they didn’t believe with their views however Aaliyah was in no way chivalrous. She had the courage and daring to stand up to people but she wasn’t really sure if Gryffindor would really accept her.

With a grimace she turned away from the Gryffindor table and looked at Hufflepuff. The Hufflepuff house was the house of the loyal and hard-working students but that house definitely did not suit her. She was loyal but only to herself and those that she knew. Not to people who would just stab her in the back because she was from a dark family. The Hufflepuff house was definitely one she did not wish to join, no matter what.

Then was Ravenclaw, the house of the intelligent and witty ones. The house where learning was mostly everything. It was a house that had its appeal but probably not for Aaliyah as she definitely was not a person that would be studying 24/7 just for the sake of studying and she just despised know-it-alls and the Ravenclaw house definitely held them. But she wouldn't mind the house.

Then finally there was Slytherin, her family’s alma mater and a house that would probably welcome her with welcome arms. It valued the cunning and ambitious but because of the fact that it spawned so many dark wizards in the last 50 years; it was labelled as the worst house of Hogwarts. It was a house that she certainly would not complain about but she wasn’t really sure about it.

With a sigh she turned back to the front, in the end the sorting hat would decide which house she would go to. She wouldn’t hate it if she got into Gryffindor or Slytherin or even Ravenclaw. She just shook her head and stepped forward when her name was called. No matter what house she got she would have to bare it for the next seven years.

Which house do you feel your character belongs in?

Not counting the fact that Aaliyah is from a practically dark family, I think she would do well in Gryffindor as I think that through that house she can slowly come to understand what it means to have friends watching your back. At first she probably wouldn’t really be accepted in Gryffindor because of her families dark past but I think that within time she could probably gain friends who would stay with her for life.

Slytherin would only really hold her back from becoming friendly with her fellow year mates as they are too paranoid and self-preserved to become her real friends. In Slytherin the only thing that really matters is whether you are behind the Dark Lord or if you have the ambition to be something great, like a politician and that is something that Aaliyah can’t really say at the moment she would like.

Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff are both out as well because the first focuses too much on studies and the second is too focused on loyalty and hard-work.

Gryffindor I think is the house that would suit Aaliyah better than the others.

Character is:

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Ravenclaw - Aaliyah Night
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