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 Gryffindor - Alicia Spinnet

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PostSubject: Gryffindor - Alicia Spinnet   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:05

Birth Name
First Name: Alicia
Middle Name(s): N/A.
Last Name: Spinnet
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: Ali

Birth Records
Birthday: 13th June
Year: Fourth Year
Birthplace:  Dartmoor, Devon
Nationality: British
Current Home: Dartmoor, Devon
Blood Status: Pure-Blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): N/A.
Mother: Alessa Spinnet nee Weber
Father: Erik Spinnet
Guardian: Alessa and Erik Spinnet.

Maternal History: Alessa Weber was born the daughter of a professional quidditch player and a stay-at-home mother. She was born in Germany but moved to England when she was five years old. She was raised in a warm and nurturing environment by two loving parents. They were the equivalent of middle class so while not overly wealthy Alessa never lacked for what she needed and a lot of what she wanted. She spent her childhood playing with the local children, enjoying her mother’s attention and planning her future where she had her own house and children.

Paternal History: Erik was born in Norway and moved to England when he was seven with his mother. Aldreth took her son to England when she divorced her husband and wanted to escape as far away from him as possible. Erik had a lonely childhood. While his grandparents made sure he never wanted for anything, they were very wealthy, his mother spent most of her time out the house socialising and enjoying herself. Sven was raised by a house elf. He missed his friend from home, he missed his father and he missed his grandparents. He played a lot by himself using his own imagination and was a very withdrawn child.

Play By: [Browning, Logan]
Hair: Shoulder length and dark brown, completely straight.
Eye: brown.
Skin Tone: Alicia is dark skinned.
Body: Alicia is of average height and because she started developing early has noticeable curves despite her age. She is of average weight and tone due to her love of exercise.
Clothing: Alicia is pretty much exclusively found in her quidditch gear when not in uniform. Otherwise just comfortable and practical clothes though still pretty.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Alicia was an only child who never looked like her parents all that much. This was mainly due to the fact her dark skin seem to have been a result of a several generation skip as both her parents were very white. Alicia grew up in a happy home. Her Dad was quiet and worked hard, as a ministry worker.  He was head of the Ministry of Magic exploding magical items and spells disposal unit. Even when he was home he did not speak much. He did however always make sure he was there to kiss her goodnight and wish her sweet dreams. Her mother was a stay-at-home mother and doted on Alicia. Determined Alicia was going to be someone special someday. Alessa came from a line of people good at quidditch, so while not interested in the sport herself, her daughter was pushed into flying from a very early age. Luckily for Alicia she adored being on a broom.

Her childhood was spent hovering on her toy broom and then when she got bigger playing around on the real broom her parents gifted her. When not flying, which was not much, Alicia would go out and play games on the street with the local children. From the front their houses looked like any other one of the street. But the back-gardens were cloaked in magic so that Alicia could fly. When she was eight Alicia and her parents moved to London. Her mother wanted an expensive and expansive house and Erik could afford it. The new house was in one of the London suberbs and had another vast garden. But this house had no neighbours. The isolation deprived Alicia of friends in the same way so she learned to put flying before people to some extent though that changed when she made friends at Hogwarts.

Happiest Memory: The first time she sat on a broom. She just knew this was something she wanted to do for the rest of her life. She never quite managed to recreate that feeling in any other setting. Nothing made her so supremely happy as being on a broom. Even the baby broom that only hovered was enough to fill her with a sense of delight.
Worst Memory: Her worst memory was they first moved. She did not realize how different London would be. She rushed out her house, wanting a brief break for food and to meet the neighbours, only to find there were none. No children playing on the street at the end of the drive. Just cars whizzing past. Plus the drive was loooong. No-one for her to play with at all.

Personality: Alicia is a bubbly and athletic girl who is never so happy as when she is on a broom. She is not overly smart but is very hard working. She is a sweet girl who makes friends with ease. She is dedicated to things she believes in and won’t stop until she has accomplished what she wants. She is a brave and strong-willed girl who won’t hesitate to throw herself into defending someone who she feels needs defending. She is open-minded and believes all blood status’s are the same – horrified and outraged by slurs or insults based on blood purity. Alicia is energetic and always on the go. She is not very good at compromises though. She wants it all or none of it. She is also very happy to tell someone straight out if she thinks they are being stupid or doing something wrong. She bosses her friends around but in a way that is filled with affection.  Alicia may be fearless in a lot of ways but she also has a mothering instinct. If she feels one her team-mates in danger she will be the first to try and get them out of it. She also is comforting, likes to mother her friends and is protective of those she loves. She is so determined to not take after the flaws of her mother that she tries her hardest to make sure she doesn't grow up selfish.
Likes: being busy, quidditch, achieving, flying, defending people, quidditch.
Dislikes: things cutting into her quidditch time, people who underestimate her, bad weather.
Fears: Being paralyzed,  dying, retirement.
Hobbies: Quidditch. Quidditch. Quidditch. Hanging out with her friends and reading quidditch magazines.
Habits: She waves her hands to make her point when she is talking.
Strengths: Alicia is determined, mostly fearless and very loyal and open-minded.
Weaknesses: Alicia is a little too quidditch obsessed, she has a habit of being slightly bossy and she does not often pick up when people are mocking her (unless your one of her friends.)
Worst class: History of Magic.
Best class: Charms
Traits: Determined, Fearless and Talented.
Values: Alicia believes that everyone deserves to be treated with respect unless they have shown they do not deserve it. So she thinks you should defend the weak, give everyone a chance and never let anything happen to those you love.
Thing(s) They Love: She has a band made of material that straps tightly around one arm. It has a charmed number on which changes. Her mum gave it to her when she made the Gryffindor quidditch team. Every time on a broom she goes without being injured the number goes up one. It’s a rather silly idea but Alicia loves it because it was from her mum and is representative of quidditch and her mother’s belief in her. Plus it reminds everyone on the team that so far she has never been injured while flying.

First sign of Magic:

Alicia's parents had taken her to the local swimming pool. They wanted to introduce her to water before she started learning to swim. So she float around the shallow end of the baby pool, Her squat little legs stuck through the holes of a yellow inflatable baby float. She did not really like the float. As it was designed for the baby to sit in with their legs through the holes, a bit like a giant round inflatable high chair, her legs were wet but the rest of her was dry. It felt weird.

Giggling Alicia tried to lean over and pet the water. However her pudgy arms could not reach over the side of the rubber ring. Beneath her a layer of plastic, bar the leg holes, was between her and the water. She wanted the water to come to her. She tried harder to reach it. Then right before her eyes a bubble appeared in the water. It floated up and she caught it making her hands wet. Delighted she willed loads more bubbles to appear. The next thing she knew the swimming pool, which wasn't meant to logically be able to bubble at all, had bubbles covering the surface of it. They were specially built around Alicia. With no idea she had done magic Alicia happily popped and enjoyed the fake bubbles.

Which house your characters feels they belong in:

Alicia was thrilled to be going to Hogwarts. Flying lessons. Quidditch Pitch. Quidditch Games. This was going to be amazing. Though the fact she had to leave her broom behind was gutting. To try and relax and not think about the rules on first years and flying she was thinking about what house she might be in. Her mother had told her about the house in the car on the way to the station. Now she was walking towards the platform at a brisk pace.

"I am not smart enough for Ravenclaw though I am definitely open minded" Alicia decided. "I am hard-working enough for Hufflepuff but maybe not patient enough, I like things to be done. I am driven enough for Slytherin, I have big ambitions for the future and my Quidditch dreams. I think maybe Gryffindor though because mum always tells me how fearless I am. Plus its good and noble to stand up for those who are weaker ... right?"

What house you feel your character should be in:

I struggled with this because Alicia is pre-determined for Gryffindor but she does have a lot of quirks from the other houses. She has the ambition of Slytherin, the hard-work of Hufflepuff and the open mindedness of Ravenclaw. However I suppose her bravery and her desire to protect those who need to most is strongest. Plus it is her bravery that allows her to have those other traits. So yes she was destined to be a Gryffindor in my opinion.

Character is:

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Gryffindor - Alicia Spinnet
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