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 Adult - Phelan Noel

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PostSubject: Adult - Phelan Noel   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:13

Birth Name
First Name: Phelan
Middle Name(s): Aiden
Last Name: Noel
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: Phe (to Amber.)

Birth Records
Birthday: 1st October
Year: Graduated
Birthplace: Noel Mansion, Glencolmcille, Ireland
Nationality: Irish
Current Home: Diagon Alley, London
Blood Status: Pureblood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Amber Noel
Mother: Ciara Mortyn nee Noel
Father: Liam Mortyn (Deceased.)
Other: Uncle Oisin (Deceased.)
Guardian: Ciara Noel

Maternal History: Ciara was born into a strict Pureblood family. She was the only girl and the youngest child out of two. Her brother was raised to be the heir to the family fortune. Ciara was not really entrusted with anything. She was given structured rules and principles to follow and was expected to keep the family reputation up at all times. Her childhood was spent in the world of dark curses and black magic. While never affiliated with You-Know-Who the family was certainly strong believers in blood purity and how all muggleborns and squibs should be removed from the world. Ciara followed her parents principles of blood purity and grew up a proud and conceited girl, better pleased with herself than her company and believing herself better than everyone else. She was a vain girl who spent hours in front of the mirror brushing her hair, staring at herself, perfecting her wardrobe. She did not make real friends as she was tutored at home and spent her free time with her mother. She never saw her father as he worked long hours and did not make any effort to see his children.

She got along with her brother. He would take her out trick or treating at her favorite holiday and they would sit together in the library doing their studies. Both Ciara and Oisin went to Durmstrang Institute as their parents proffered the focus on the dark arts. When Ciara was fourteen her brother was killed in a duel gone wrong. The incident was investigated but kept away from Ciara. All that really came out of it was suddenly Ciara was the sole heir to the Noel fortune. She was destined to be a very rich young woman. She was matched with a suitable husband from a long standing pure-blood family when she was just sixteen. The two married when they turned seventeen and went onto have twins.

After the fire - see Liam's history - Ciara was changed by her families loss of fortune and the death of all she knew and loved. It showed her that she was not better than everyone else. That she could suffer just as anyone else could. Furthermore it was a muggle-born servant - the family had not know she was muggleborn - who had helped her escaped before being trapped by the flames herself. Ciara had learned after that she was a muggleborn. This changed Ciara's entire world view. She lost her purist attitude and began to believe muggleborns and half-bloods as just as much right to the world as she did. She also stopped seeing herself as above others.

Ciara was determined to erase all memory of the past. She reverted back to using her maiden name and gave her children her maiden name as well. She wanted to start a new life with her two children. So she sold the family mansion, having lost her fortune and therefore needing the money, and used the proceeds from the sale to purchase some property in Diagon Alley. With hard-work she turned the building into 'Ciara's' a magical Celtic Irish themed restaurant and bar. She lived above the resteraunt/bar in a comfortable apartment with Amber and Phelan.

Paternal History: Liam Mortyn was born a long standing Pureblood family that had the reputation and enough money to be comfortable, though not being excessively rich. From birth Liam's life was set out for him. He would be heir to the family title and mansion in Ireland. He would also be married to a girl of suitable standing and reputation. He did not have time for playing as a child because he was too busy attending tutoring in every subject and skill his parents could think of whether Liam was good at it or not. Liam was expected to work hard, keep up the family reputation and despise all that was muggle, especially muggleborns who his parents taught him stole magic from the wizarding world when they had no right to it. When he was sixteen he was matched with a suitable bride, by seventeen he was married and by eighteen was working his way up to making his own money through a magical lawyer firm specializing in pureblood cases.

Liam was attending a family function shortly after the twins were born with his wife and new babies. No-one knows how it happened but a fire broke out in the early hours of the morning and ravaged the house. The only survivors of the fire were Ciara and the twins, Amber and Phelan. Both the Mortyn and Noel families were wiped out in the fire. Leaving Ciara the only remaining representative of both Pure-Blood lines. It was a magical fire of immense heat designed to destroy everything even that which would not normally burn. This led the aurors to believe the fire was set on purpose but with no proof no-one was charged.

Play By: [Thorne, Remy]
Hair: chin length, messy and dark brown
Eye: dark brown
Skin Tone: Lightly tanned.
Body: Phelan is tall and while not muscular is lightly toned.
Clothing: Phelan is happiest in comfortable clothing. Jeans and t-shirts. Unless he lets Amber get into his wardrobe.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Phelan and Amber had a happy childhood. The only version knew of their mother was the hard-working woman who treasured them. Phelan was the quiet and calm child while Amber was the energetic and talkative one. They were inseparable as children bar when they were forced to be apart. The twins had never experienced what it was like to have a lot of money, as it was lost when they were babies, so they never really cared that their family did not have much. Amber and Phelan had a weekly allowance and Phelan soon managed to work out just what he could get for the money whereas Amber just relied on her brother to mention if she was going to run out of money too soon. They were trusted a lot and given a lot of freedom as children. They had their chores to do - around the restaurant mostly - and they had to do Irish lessons as Irish was their mothers first language. Other than that they had no requirements until they started school. Phelan generally did the studying and taking notes for the two of them. Amber did the talking for the two of them mostly as children plus Amber would often be excited, happy or angry on both their behalf if the need arose.

Living in Diagon Alley meant Phelan and Amber had this whole magical world at their fingertips. While they could not rush around buying things, not that Amber did not try, they could explore. He and Amber could talk about what they would buy if they had the money. They got to know most of the shop-keepers as they were often seen darting around the Alley. Phelan's favorite thing to do was running down the road to the book shop. He knew from young he could get about two books into his weekly allowance. Three if he did not buy any treats. Four if he bought literally nothing else all week. Whereas Amber liked the shops that sold beauty products, the clothes shops and the shops that sold pets. The Alley was also perfect inspiration for imaginary games as they were many alleyways, twists and turns and they saw a variety of different people everywhere. It became a family tradition for Phelan and Amber to sit in the chairs by the restaurant front window and make up histories and stories for the variety of witches and wizards walking past.

Happiest Memory: Phelan's happiest memory was the first time he managed to read an entire book himself. His mother treated it like had won the peace prize and told him how proud she was. It was also the first time she let him buy his own new book. Taking him down there and giving him the money so he could 'buy.'

Worst Memory: Phelan lost Amber. It was the first time he and Amber were allowed out by themselves. She had been talking while he had been looking where they were going. Then suddenly she was gone. He looked for her for ages. He had got really worried - though he did not show it - when finally he found her in the sweet store.

Personality: Phelan is a quiet boy who does not talk much. He does not often even show that much emotion. Talking in his usual bored and slightly sarcastic tone. He is very protective of his family though prefers to let Amber get angry on his behalf if someone insults them. He loves to read and spends most of his time doing it. Though he has a rather weird sense of humor and likes some of the more morbid parts of life as shown by the books he can sometimes be found reading. He does not really get stressed about things and believes that life will happen as it happens. He is not worried about always being the best which is probably part of the reason why he is only on the Gryffindor Quidditch Reserve team. He also does not like being the center of attention. Preferring to stand in the background occasionally making a comment. He hates arguing and will just walk away rather than argue, and leave a room if someone else is arguing.

Likes: Reading, flying, Quidditch and his Irish heritage.
Dislikes: People who talk a lot (bar Amber), Close-minded people and arguments.
Fears: Loosing either his mother or his sister, something happening to their restaurant, people finding out about his mother's past.
Hobbies: Flying, Reading and spending time with his friends.
Habits: He will fold and unfold his arms when he is frustrated.
Strengths: He is brave, tolerant and not easily upset.
Weaknesses: He is sarcastic, unsubtle and not easily trusting.
Worst class: Potions
Best class: Charms
Traits: Brave, Quiet and Quirky
Values: He believes your family and friends should always come first no matter what and you should die rather than betray or let down the ones you love. He also believes that you should do what is right even if people don't get it is the right thing at the time. Making enemies is just an occupational hazard of doing the right thing.
Thing(s) They Love: A framed picture of his mum, Amber and himself that goes with him wherever he goes - Hogwarts or home - and shows them all happy and smiling.

First sign of Magic:

Five year old Amber was trying to help her mother out by working in the kitchen. She had offered to do the drying up while Phelan did the washing up. However she kept getting distracted and forgetting she was holding a plate. So after a few moments she had collected quite a stack of them. Just adding one after the other as she looked around the kitchen noticing things she was sure she had never seen before.

“Amber” Phelan suddenly cried as Amber threw her arms up to try and catch a butterfly she had seen float in through the window.

The plates hit the ground and shattered. Sending china everywhere. Amber, distracted from the butterfly by the noise, and Phelan who had watched it happen had no clue what to do. They stared at the broken plates. Hearing the footsteps of their mother the twins panicked. Clasping their hands and closing their eyes and willing the plates to be fixed.

“If we ever show signs of magic now is the time” Phelan murmured under his breath.

“Magic! Magic! Magic” Amber chanted in an excited tone.

When they opened their eyes the plates sat in a neat stack. Amber let out a shrill squeal of delight and hugged her brother tight despite his look of discomfort.

What house your characters feels they should be in:

“I want to be in … what is the word … the red and gold one?” Amber announced as she drifted around her room.

“Gryffindor, Be” Phelan quietly informed her from where he was sitting on the bed reading.

“I think I am brave” Amber continued “and loyal and all that. Yes I am a perfect … what was the word?”

“Gryffindor” Phelan prompted again.

“I can catch spiders in my room and I can climb high trees” Amber chatted on “that is brave.”

Phelan finally put down his book “bravery is more than doing things a child finds brave. Bravery comes in many different forms. It is easy to learn to do brave things. It takes a lifetime to learn to be brave enough to not act. No matter what people think.”

“So your going to be a Gryffin … thingy as well?” Amber asked.

“Probably” Phelan responded with a small smile.

“I could be a puffle only I do not like working and patience is not my strong point” Amber pondered.

“True” Phelan agreed picking his book up again.

“I am definitely not a rave-thingy” Amber concluded “all those smarty people.”

“I could be a Hufflepuff for I am hard-working but then I only do the work required of me so maybe not all that hard-working” Phelan commented knowing Amber was about to ask. “Maybe Ravenclaw but I do not feel desire to learn for the sake of learning unless it is within the confines of my own personal interest. I considered Slytherin for that is where our past family has been. Except I do not have any ambition bar surviving and you do not have any ambition either Amber. Based on your life long desire to catch a butterfly being your only dream.”

“Okay” Amber neatly replied with a smile.

What house you feel your character should be in:

Amber and Phelan are very different in personality. Yet they are both brave and fiercely loyal to their family and to each other. They both believe in doing what is right no matter the cost so I guess that is a sense of duty. In their own unique ways neither are ambitious, hard-working unless required or patient. They don’t learn for the sake of learning, even if Phelan does read a lot more, and so they are perfectly fit most for Gryffindor. Phelan was pretty accurate in his assessment.

Character is:

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Adult - Phelan Noel
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