Step into the magical world of Harry Potter. Solve riddles, use magic, attend lessons and become a part of the Harry Potter universe.
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 Gryffindor - Angelina Johnson

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PostSubject: Gryffindor - Angelina Johnson   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:15

Birth Name
First Name: Angelina
Middle Name(s): Elsie
Last Name: Johnson
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: Angel

Birth Records
Birthday: 30th October
Year: Fourth
Birthplace:  St Mugoes, England
Nationality: English
Current Home: North London, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): N/A
Mother: Makayla Johnson nee Holbrook
Father: Malik Johnson
Other: N/A
Guardian: Makayla and Malik Johnson

Maternal History: Makayla Holbrook was born the only daughter to a middle-class family who lived in North London. Her parents, both magical, owned a Quidditch Supply company which supplied Quidditch orientated merchandise for several of the big shops. They both worked from home so Makayla had her parents around a lot. She spent her childhood playing catch in the garden with her Dad and learning to bake in the kitchen with her mother. She was given her first toy broom as a child and spent hours happily playing on it. However she never really showed all that much talent on a broom and never progressed past the toy broom stage. Makayla knew from little that her parents wanted her to take over the business one day.

Paternal History: Malik was used to not having his mother around a lot as a child. His mother was a keeper for the Holyhead Harpies and travelled a lot till her retirement when he was eight years old. His father was a muggle who worked as an accountant for a big company in London. His father did not understand the magical world and never wanted to. He put up with his wife’s references to Quidditch but asked she did so as little as possible. Malik was therefore encouraged to ignore the magical world whenever his mother was away. Despite having many muggle friends and enjoying spending his time at the jungle gym and the park Malik was still fascinated by the magical world. He dreamed of playing Quidditch like his mother one day and loved reading books on magic as soon as he was old enough.

Play By: [Benjamin, Tiana]
Hair: Angelina has long black hair which she often keeps braided.  
Eye: She has dark brown eyes.
Skin Tone:  Angelina is dark skinned.
Body: She is a tall girl and despite her age already has an attractive form and pretty features. She is physically fit due to the exercise she does and toned.
Clothing: Angelina wears jeans, tops with funny slogans on and boots or trainers. Her outfits are pretty but casual.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Angelina grew up in a world of Quidditch. Her father played professionally for the Tornadoes reserve team. Her Mother ran a Quidditch supplies company that she had inherited from her parents. Angelina got her first toy broom when she was little. She happily spent hours playing on it. She also enjoyed going to gymnastics as a child and visiting Diagon Alley with her mother. She learned to play the piano from little because her mother wanted her to have the skill. Her mother worked from home and so Angelina was mostly raised by her mother.
Though sometimes she went with her Dad to watch his games and she would always be standing at the end of the garden waiting when he was due home. Angelina had plenty of muggle and magical friends from the various clubs her mother took her too. Her parents wanted her to be rounded and not shoehorned into playing Quidditch. However, despite loving a lot of what she did, Angelina did adore being on her broom.
Happiest Memory: Angelina’s happiest memory was the first Quidditch match she ever went to see. Her mother took her to watch her Dad play. She got the special glasses, treats in case she got hungry and permission to yell her Dad’s name as loud as she could every now and then. She cheered and screamed and only took breaths to eat some of her snacks. She loved the energy and the family atmosphere.
Worst Memory: The first time her Dad went off without her. She was being held by her mother at the end of the garden. She waved goodbye until her Dad vanished. Then not really understanding why he had gone she waited for him to come back. When he did not come back for weeks Angelina was sure he had left them.

Personality: Angelina is a light hearted girl who loves a good laugh except when it comes to Quidditch. She takes Quidditch very seriously. She will go from laughing with her friends, walking to the pitch, to complete focus on the pitch. She joins in the teasing of her friends, they all tease each other, but she would do anything for them.  She is a loyal and trustworthy friend. She is popular with the guys but has not really had a long term boyfriend. Though Fred is her teenage crush. She is a social girl and will quite happily chat to total strangers. She has a surprisingly short temper and will get angry and yell before feeling bad and having to apologize afterwards.
Likes: Quidditch, gossip and spending time with her friends.
Dislikes: Bad weather, undedicated people, laziness, people with no sense of humour.
Fears: Losing one of her friends – Lee, Fred, George, Katie, Alicia and Oliver). Losing a member of her family. Lightning. Fire.
Hobbies: Quidditch, playing the piano and chatting with her friends.
Habits: She will wriggle her nose, bunny like, when trying not to yawn or laugh.
Strengths: She is dedicated, brave and loyal.
Weaknesses: Her temper, weakness for cute boys and not coping with stress well.
Worst class: History of Magic
Best class: Care of Magical Creatures
Traits: Dedicated, Loyal and funny
Values: Quidditch should be taken seriously and all rules should be obeyed. Otherwise, in life, do what is right by your friends and family and you cannot go wrong. Do what is right and not what is easy. People have to make sacrifices to achieve. Just don’t ever sacrifice or forget what is important in life.
Thing(s) They Love: Her toy broom. She kept it from when she was a child and she takes it to Hogwarts with her. Keeping it in her trunk.

First sign of Magic:

Angelina was standing beside the fence waiting for her Dad to arrive home. He was due any moment and she was eager to see him. Well him and the presents he had bought her. She could not see far enough down the lane she decided. What if he appeared further down than usual. So she scrambled up onto the fence's first rung. Then the second. Soon she was balancing on the very top. It was hard to balance though. All too soon she slipped and fell from the fence. Closing her eyes she prepared to hit the ground and for it to hurt. Except when she did hit the ground it did not hurt at all. When she opened her eyes she found she was lying on the ground on her garden side of the fence. It was impossible. If she had fallen backwards she would not be lying on her tummy. If she had fallen forward she would not be on this side. What was even more impossible was she did not hurt at all. Scrambling to her feet she proudly announced "I am a witch!"

Which house your character feels they belong in.

"... that is I will probably be a Gryffindor" Alicia finished smiling brightly. "What about you?"

Angelina paused to consider her new friends question. They had met on the platform, found a compartment together, and seemed to be friends already. "Well it would be cool to be in Gryffindor together. I think I am brave. I just never really had the chance to test that theory as a child."

"I know what you mean" Alicia agreed "its not like we got attacked as children or saw a small child about to run over or something."

"I know that I am not hard-working enough for Hufflepuff and I sometimes loose my patience ..." Angelina pondered. She then added "and not into wit or learning enough for Ravenclaw. I like to have fun. Except when flying."

"Perfection requires dedication" Alicia smartly announced pointing at one of the stickers on her trunk.

"Totally" Angelina agreed, showing she had the same sticker on her own bag. "Not that flying isn't fun. Its just different. I guess that leaves Slytherin. Except I kind of like the idea of just succeeding at now. Rather than planning for the future, you know?"

What house you feel your character should be in.

Angelina was hard to place, not thinking about the fact she is pre-sorted, because she had a happy childhood. Therefore she never really showed if she was brave or noble or not. Though her temper kinda shows she is not a coward. But she might be brave at heart and as she explained she is not really suited for any of the other houses. She is not hard-working, ambitious, patient or into wit and learning. The only work she does really is her home-work and sometimes the twins for them. So she really should be a Gryffindor.

Character is:

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Gryffindor - Angelina Johnson
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