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 Ravenclaw - Astoria Greengrass

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HIH Queen Emma of Awesome

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PostSubject: Ravenclaw - Astoria Greengrass   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:17

Birth Name
First Name: Astoria
Middle Name(s): Eleanor
Last Name: Greengrass
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: Ria / Tori

Birth Records
Birthday: November 5th
Year: Third Year
Birthplace:  Greengrass Estate, Shipton Bellinger
Nationality: British
Current Home: Greengrass Estate, Shipton Bellinger
Blood Status: Pureblood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Daphne Greengrass
Mother: Astlee Greengrass
Father: Henry Greengrass
Other: N/A
Guardian: Astlee and Henry Greengrass

Maternal History: Astlee was born into a pure-blood family that had notable reputation but no wealth. The family wealth had been lost by her grandfather who spent it on wine, gambling and women. Astlee was her parents only child and they saw her as the means for regaining what they had lost. Therefore she was raised with the idea her sole purpose in life was to make the right marriage. She had a tutor and lessons in everything a young lady might need until Hogwarts. Her parents were never concerned about grades. As long as she made the right marriage then intelligence did not matter.

Paternal History: Henry was born into the Greengrass family, among the oldest truly-pure-blood families in Britain, and was indoctrinated into the family believe of pure-blood superiority and that muggles were scum. He believed this wholeheartedly and spent his childhood in conceited pride, spoiled and selfish, doing whatever he liked and having no thought for anyone else. He was expected to keep up the family reputation and was heir to a fortune. He never cared much about his grades but passed enough to get a good job at the ministry and inherited his father's business - a rather prestige chain of magical hotels - and made a good marriage in Astlee.

Play By: [Breslin, Abigail]
Hair: Astoria has waist length light brown hair with a wave to it. It can get very tangled overnight and is quite a lot of work in the morning.
Eye: Astoria has dark brown eyes.
Skin Tone: Astoria has pale skin but not overly so.
Body: Astoria is only just starting to form curves and therefore, coming up thirteen, still has a relatively boyish figure. Though she has the signs of curves, is just the right side of chunky and has rounded features.
Clothing: Astoria does not wear muggles clothes ever. However she does not like to stick solely to robes. So she can be seen in the magical alternative to muggle clothes - jeans with colour changing seams, tops with moving logos etc
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Born into the Greengrass family, among the oldest, truly pure-blooded families in Britain, Astoria was brought up in the ideals of Pure-blood supremacy. While not the eldest child and therefore seen as less important Astoria was still expected to maintain the values and reputation of the family. She was supposed to behave like a proper young pure-blood, maintain dignity at all times, and make sure everyone knew she was superior simply because of her blood-line.

Astoria did not see her father much as he worked. He had little time for his children even when he was not working. Preferring the company of his friends. However at social occasions, the many balls and parties she was dragged to as soon as she was old enough, she was expected to portray the perfect family. She was raised by two house elves, Bettie and Mercy, and with input from her mother. Though she did not see her mother much until she had grown out of the baby stage.

Astoria was expected to be seen and not heard at all times within the house. She was required to always obey her parents and to never question them. She was required to treat her older sister with respect. Astoria was not allowed to play anything that might get her muddy or ruin her clothes. She was expected to be neat, presentable and well behaved at all times. Any attempts to rebel were punished. Punishment generally involved being locked in her room, though her parents would remove her stuff from the room first.

Astoria never had much affection from either of her parents. The family house-elves were more scared than fond of the family. Though they seemed to share a bond with Astoria who was the only one not to treat them badly. She was not exactly kind to them but she never mistreated them. Astoria was taken to play-dates with other children but was expected to be so well behaved according to her parents rules that it did not leave much room for play. She and her sister had a whole host of different tutors. They had ballet lessons, etiquette lessons, language lessons, music lessons, pure-blood orientated history lessons, lessons on the evils of muggles and much more. Astoria was encouraged to not have any personal thoughts or opinions but simply to recite what her tutor had taught her.

During her free time Astoria was forbidden from most forms of play. She was expected to either practice her musical instrument, read a book from the approved ones in the library or do her homework as set by her tutor. Hogwarts was an immense sense of freedom to Astoria. Suddenly she did not have her parents breathing down her neck. While she knew her elder sister sent reports home and her parents demanded regular reports from her professors it was still much more freedom than she had at home.

Happiest Memory: Astoria's best memory was when she got her letter from Hogwarts. She knew that there was no doubt. She would definitely be going. It was her turn and she would finally have the freedom she craved.
Worst Memory: When her sister came back from Hogwarts for the summer after her second year. She had changed. She went from being a nice big sister to being horrible. She had made a new group of friends in Slytherin and they had altered her personality so much that Astoria was afraid to be around her big sister.

Personality: Astoria has always found it difficult to be the girl her parent's want her to be. For this reason, and her own sanity, she had two different personalities. Her regular one and the one she puts on as a show for her parents. Her show personality is one of a demure, well-behaved, quiet girl who likes reading, needle-point and playing the piano. This girl also never speaks back, never argues, never expresses an opinion, never questions something a member of authority has told her and treats anyone who is not a pure-blood with disgusted disdain. This Astoria knows she will never be good for anything but turning into her mother. This Astoria is seen and not heard and always proper and well-turned out.

The real Astoria is a sweet and lively girl with a bubbly personality. She is always getting into some sort of scrape or another. Her love of climbing trees, rough and tumble activities and running around like an over-enthusiastic whirlwind means more often than not she has ladders in her tights, rips in her robes and mud on her cheek or a twig in her hair. The real Astoria has no idea what she wants to do and her mind is always filled with wonderful plans and delightful schemes. She loves building castles in the air and is determined that one day she will be well known and well-liked and everyone will want to be her friend. She does not know what she is going to do to achieve this yet - paint or sculpt or act etc - but she knows it will be something. She does like to read and play her instruments but only in the evening when she has worn herself out from a day of excitement and enthusiasm. This attitude is only ever seen at Hogwarts or when her parents aren't around. Even then not when her big sister might be around to report on her. Hence why she will sometimes dive into a cupboard so her sister does not see her when she is looking less than proper. The real Astoria loves to chat and has a vivid imagination, she could talk for hours and seldom require any sort of response.

Because of the way she compartmentalizes her life into a personality for her parents and a personality that is the real her Astoria finds it hard to make friends. After all she can be your best friend when its just her but the moment her parents are around she will stop acknowledging your existence if you are someone they would disapprove of. The real Astoria questions the legitimacy of the belief that muggles are scum and pure-bloods are superior just because of who they are. However she does not dare outwardly show this and therefore in front of her parents, while she is not outwardly cruel or mean, she treats those who are supposed to be considered inferior with disdain and disgust. In the same way she does not mistreat her house elves but she couldn't be nice to them either. Astoria is a sensitive girl and does not like cruelty or mean people but she never quite gets up the courage to stand up to her family about herself let alone anyone else.

(For the sake of argument using the real her for the below part.)

Likes: using her vivid imagination, chatting, rough and tumble, climbing trees, swimming, being on the go and having a sense of freedom.
Dislikes: being controlled or confined, when she cannot ask questions or express what she really feels, that she has to pretend for her parents, when people misjudge or misunderstand her, when she witnesses cruelty.
Fears: Her parents scare her and the idea of them finding out about the real her scares her more. That she might loose a member of her family. That she will never have any real friends.
Hobbies: Reading, planning her future, making castles in the sky, running around, climbing trees, using her imagination and playing her musical instruments.
Habits:She tugs on a strand of her hair or plays with her hemline when she is nervous or feeling awkward.
Strengths: Astoria is a good-natured girl with a confident personality and a vivid imagination.
Weaknesses: Her confident self dissolves into a shy and passive girl when around her parents. She cannot stand up to her family.
Worst class: Herbology
Best class: Defense against the Dark Arts
Traits: Imaginative, Sensitive and Changeable.
Values: If you asked her parents then they would say Astoria is a good pure-blood girl who believes the same as they do that pure-bloods are superior, muggles are scum and creatures, muggles and half-creatures should be treated like the filth they are. In reality Astoria believes everyone should be treated with respect unless they have proved they do not deserve it. She is still researching into her parent's views in secret to see if they stand up to scrutiny. She believes you should do whatever it takes to protect those you love and sometimes it is those you love that can hurt you the most but you love them anyway. You should fear and respect your parents as well as love them.
Thing(s) They Love: A small blue leather bound journal which she keeps her diary in. It has a magically charmed lock and a special quill that goes with it. It can only be opened with the sound of her voice and unless you use the special quill the pages appear blank. She never goes anywhere without it and keeps it safe. She writes all her secrets in there and claims she would protect it with her life.

Please post your characters first sign of magic:

Three year old Astoria was feeling like she was deficient in some way. Her mother had performed magic by the time she was three. Her sister her sister had been three. Her dad had been three. Here she was turning four in just a few days and she had done no magic at all. Glaring down at her diary she willed herself to just do some magic. Anything.

Then before her eyes the book she was holding turned red. So surprised she did not quite know how to react she blurted out "you can turn back now." The book did so which caused even more surprise in Astoria. Wide eyed she found a smile spreading across her mouth. She had done it. She had done magic.

Character is:

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Ravenclaw - Astoria Greengrass
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