Step into the magical world of Harry Potter. Solve riddles, use magic, attend lessons and become a part of the Harry Potter universe.
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 Gryffindor - Seamus Finnigan

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HIH Queen Emma of Awesome

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PostSubject: Gryffindor - Seamus Finnigan   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:28

Birth Name
First Name: Seamus
Middle Name(s): Liam
Last Name: Finnigan
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: N/A

Birth Records
Birthday: 13th May
Year: Third
Birthplace: Ireland
Nationality: Irish-British
Current Home: Ireland
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): N/A
Mother: Ciara Finnigan
Father: Liam Finnigan
Other: (Maternal Cousin) Fergus
Guardian: Mr and Mrs Finnigan

Maternal History: Ciara was a muggle-born only child to two actors. She grew up immersed in fantasy words and believing in things other people did not. This meant she never knew quite what was real and what was not. Therefore when she started showing signs of magic she just assumed she was really getting into character. Her parents accepted her being a witch remarkably well. They were delighted they had a daughter who was different and special. Though Ciara was left to look after herself a lot as a child. She was often considered more of an accessory by her parents. She had her stomach pumped twice before she was three because no-one really paid attention to what she was doing. Though when her father left her mother made more of an effort to look after Ciara. When she graduated from Hogwarts Ciara got a job as a teacher in a muggle primary school.

Paternal History: Liam's Dad played his guitar in pubs and sold insurance on the side to pay the bills. His mother was a stay-at-home mum. Liam would travel around the country with his mum as she attended every single gig that his dad got. He never stayed in one school for long and had a very bitty education. He also did not have the chance to make friends really. Fun was sitting in his Dad's trailer colouring or playing car games with his mum. When he was sixteen he dropped out of education and got a job as a stacker at a lorry firm. Now he is a lorry driver.

Play By: [Murray, Devon]
Hair: Short brown hair which is usually messy
Eye: Dark brown eyes
Skin Tone: Slightly tanned skin with freckles
Body: Seamus is of a stocky build with not much muscle but not fat either. He is of average height.
Clothing: Whatever he is wearing Seamus universally looks scruffy and untidy. He generally just goes for whatever smells clean and looks relatively decent. He does not care about the odd mark of rip.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Seamus grew up an only child in a very working class family. His mother worked as a teacher and his father a lorry driver. His mother took care of him most of the time because his dad was away a lot on lorry runs. He could be on the road for days even weeks at a time. Seamus did not have all that much money but enough to get by and be relatively comfortable. He had loving parents and his mother was a little too much so. She was prone to smothering him in her attempts to make sure he felt loved and nothing bad possibly happened to him. He had fun as a child playing in the fields around his house, kicking a football around with his friends and was generally a rough and tumble kid who never cared about getting dirty.

Happiest Memory: Kicking around a football in the park with his parents. His dad was home and the three of them went down together. They just had fun laughing and messing about.
Worst Memory: His parents arguing. Somehow the topic of his mum keeping the fact she was a witch secret until after they were married had come up again. Seamus had never heard his parents really argue and since he has never really heard it. So that memory sticks out.

Personality: Seamus is good natured and easy going with a relaxed personality. He rarely gets angry and takes every bump and scrape with a smile. He is kind of accident prone and known for being good at pyrotechnics even if its usually not on purpose. He is fiercely loyal to his parents and can't stand anyone insulting them especially his mum. He is brave and honest and will generally just say what he is thinking. He tends to say things at the wrong time without realizing it.
Likes: Football, Irish Quidditch Team and Food
Dislikes: People who insult his mum, being mistaken for Welsh and serious arguing.
Fears: Loosing a member of his family, being paralyzed and banshees.
Hobbies: Blowing things up, kicking a football around, flying and eating
Habits: his Irish accent gets stronger when he is angry or upset
Strengths: He is brave, loyal and will always stand up for what he believes in
Weaknesses: He is accident-prone, can be destructive and tends to have no filter
Worst class: Charms
Best class: Defense Against the Dark Arts
Traits: Loyal, Brave and Destructive
Values: You should always listen to your own voice and never do something just because you are told to. On the other hand you should respect your parents and listen to what they say unless what they say is morally wrong or illegal. Defend your loved ones and do what is right even when its hard.
Thing(s) They Love: Seamus loves his leprechaun money bank. It is magic. When anyone but Seamus looks inside it appears to be empty.

Please post below a 100 word or more rp of their first time using magic.

Five year old Seamus was standing on the back step looking out at the garden. His grandmother was coming over and Seamus had been scrubbed and washed till he was super clean and dressed in his best clothes. He had been told under no circumstances to play in the mud before his grandmother arrived. Except the mud was calling to him.

Finally he gave in and sprinted out into the puddles in the garden. Jumping from puddle to puddle with delighted whoops. By the time his mum called him he was coated from head to toe in mud. Eyes wide he tried to think what to do next. He hurried to the back door and then looked around for anything to clean himself. However to his surprise when his mum came out onto the back step she was smiling.

“Good boy, nice and clean for grandma” Mrs Finnigan announced as she led him inside.
Seamus glanced down at himself and to his surprise he was scrubbed clean once more.

Please post below 100 words or more rp in which your character considers what house they belong in.

“So what house do you think you want to be in?” Dean asked as he tried to shove the football he had been showing Seamus back into his bag.

“Gryffindor” Seamus bluntly responded. He kicked off his shoes and put his feet up on the seat beside him “brave, loyal and heroic. Sounds like my kind of house.”

Dean snorted “what have you done that is brave?”

Seamus rolled his eyes “I jumped in a mud puddle right after me mam told me not to. If you’d met me mam then you would know that is brave. Plus I don’t want to be in a house with all the eggheads.”

“Oh Ravenclaw” Dean clarified after a moment’s thought. “Yeah well that many smart people in a confined space cannot be good.”

“Slytherin is bad news me ma said” Seamus carried on, making sure he had covered all the house. “Don’t know about Hufflepuff. It could be cool.”

Please post below, in 50 words or more, what house you feel your character should be in.

Seamus is brave as proved by the fact he was willing to stand up for what he believed in throughout the books. He is loyal as shown by his standing up for mum so fiercely. He is chivalrous as shown by the fact he seems to be fine with bulldozing in to protect someone who is getting bullied. Overall he makes a good Gryffindor. Plus the books pre-chose it.

Character is:

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Gryffindor - Seamus Finnigan
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