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 Gryffindor - Ronald Weasley

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HIH Queen Emma of Awesome

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PostSubject: Gryffindor - Ronald Weasley   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:29

Birth Name
First Name: Ronald
Middle Name(s): Billius
Last Name: Weasley
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: Ron

Birth Records
Birthday: March 1st
Year: Second Year
Birthplace: St Mugoes, London
Nationality: British, Caucasian
Current Home: The Burrow just outside of Ottery St Catchpole
Blood Status: Pure-blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George and Ginny
Mother: Molly Weasley nee Prewett
Father: Arthur Weasley
Other: N/A
Guardian: Molly and Arthur Weasley

Maternal History: Molly Weasley was born the youngest of three. She was raised in a family that while more elitist than the Weasley family was not completed obsessed with pure-blood purity. They fought in the first wizarding war against Voldemort and both of Molly's brothers were killed. Molly was taught to fight for what she believed in and also inherited the legacy of a family that was in the order. She went onto marry Arthur Weasley and become even more that way.

Paternal History: Arthur and his siblings were born to a pure-blood family. He grew up with the idea that all people should be equal. Some of his family members believed in this and others leaned more towards the slightly more purist side. His parents never pushed him to join the order as he got older, or share the same beliefs as them and at first he merely focused on marrying Molly and having their children. Joining the order slightly later in life.

Play By: [Grint, Rupert]
Hair: messy, chin length, and flaming Red as all the Weasley children are.
Eye: round and brown.
Skin Tone: pale
Body: tall and gangly, big hands and feet, long nose and freckles
Clothing: Anything dragged out of the closet that looks vaguely wearable and not overly stained.
Other: N/A


Your Childhood Before School: Ron was born the youngest son of a family of seven. He had one younger sister. Growing up his mother was the one who looked after them while his father worked. Though the family made sure that they always ate dinner together when they could as a family. Ron loved being in a big family but at the same time he had to get use to the constant teasing by the twins and the fact that he would be seen as the youngest until Ginny came along and then suddenly he was not the baby of the family any more. It was through the teasing by his brothers that Ron developed his fear of spiders.

Ron always felt somewhat in the shadow of his older siblings. Even from very young, though his parents tried to make him see otherwise, it was clear that whatever he did someone else had done it first. With five older brothers and not much money everything he got was a hand me down. It was frustrating and annoying to be stuck having what your brothers had already had. But the one great thing about growing up was Ron loved his mothers cooking, her bone crushing hugs, and his dads quirky obsession with all things Muggle.

Happiest Memory: Ron would never admit that his happiest memory was receiving Scabbers. Having a second hand pet that he could complain was useless was better than having no pet all. He genuinely was excited to have a rat and if anything happened to Scabbers he would be devastated. He had waited a long time, in his view, for his very own pet.

Worst Memory: Ron's worst memory was the night the twins turned his teddy bear into a spider. While they had meant it as harmless fun the prank caused Ron, who had been a little afraid of spiders before, to develop a life long phobia of them. Luckily the legendary temper of Mrs Weasley caused Ron to forgive his brother - even he felt that her yelling at them was punishment enough for the crime.

Personality: Ron has a quick temper and can sometimes act rashly when he gets angry. He is a loyal friend even if he can grown resentful of being overshadowed by people who he deems to be better. That is a side effect from being overshadowed by his siblings. If Ron worked hard he could do better at school but he has to be pushed to work. He would rather be messing around on a broom or out doing things with his friends. He loves to sleep and he loves to eat. Eating with such ferocity that he practically inhales his food and a lot of it to. He is a cheerful enough boy most of the time. He does not really have a filter on what he says and can be a little too blunt. He is not emotionally mature and does get confused by girls, though that can be put in part to its age. He is a much better logical thinker than he gives himself credit hence why he excels at Wizards chess.
Likes: Cudley Canons, Quidditch and his mothers cooking
Dislikes: spiders, gnomes and second hand things
Fears: Arachnophobia, his mothers temper, embarrassing himself in public
Hobbies: Quidditch, Wizard Chess and swimming
Habits: Ron goes red around the ears when embarrassed or angry.
Strengths: Loyal, determined and always trying to do better at what he believes in.
Weaknesses: terrified of spiders, has a chip on his shoulder about his older brothers and gets stage fright
Worst class: History of Magic
Best class: Potions, Transfiguration, and DADA
Traits: Brave, Lazy and Family-orientated
Values: Ron believes that you should stick up for what you truly believe is right. He also believes right is right and wrong is wrong except for when it comes to school rules. He also tends to put himself first sometimes but he tries not to on the whole. His mother taught him his values, to be good and respectful at all times.
Thing(s) They Love: Ron really values his Chudley Canon Posters and bed sheets. Firstly because he did not inherit them from his brothers and secondly because they represent the team he loves and finally because they are in his bedroom and sleeping is his second favorite activity after eating.

First sign of Magic:

Coming from a magical family Ron had heard about Hogwarts from a young age. He also knew all his siblings had shown magical gifts from children. So making sure no-one was looking Ron had picked up one of the footballs and snuck out into the garden to see if he could do magic. Standing with his arms folded across his small chest Ron looked hard at the ball. Willing it to move. He was determined he was not going anyway until that ball move. His brothers tried to budge him. The twins even informed in joky tones that he was clearly not meant to be magic. A couple of hours passed and it was not until Ron was about to give up, he was hungry, and kick the ball it suddenly and without warning shot off across the garden.

With a beaming smile Ron ran back towards the house "I am magic! I am magic!"

What house your character feels they belong in:

"We will be proud of you whatever house you are in" Mrs Weasley assured her son as she glanced up from the dinner she was preparing. "Even if your not in Gryffindor like the rest of the family."

"Well I jolly well better not be in Slytherin" Ron retorted, taking a crisp from the side and popping it into his mouth. He then added through a spray of crumbs "there is not a witch or wizard who went bad that was not in Slytherin."

"Whether or not your a good person won't be affected by your house" Mrs Weasley corrected with a shake of her head.

"Okay" Ron conceded before changing his point "I hope I am not in Slytherin because I have not really got any ambitions ..." Ron paused and then ended "except to pass my exams."

"As long as you work hard you will be fine" Mrs Weasley informed him.

"I don't like working hard" Ron responded under his breath. He took another crisp and then headed out the kitchen. He continued pondering houses but now more to himself than his mum "Guess that means Hufflepuff is out. Oh and Ravenclaw. I am not that smart and I don't want to be stuck in a house with people who love learning. Bloody hell, it is Gryffindor or nothing!"

What house you feel your character belongs in:

Well 'sealed' and 'fate' kind of spring to mind. But Ron is destined to be a Gryffindor. He is completely lacking in motivation let alone ambition. He would rather make up the answers than work hard. He would rather be out doing, or eating, than studying. So he just does not fit any of the other houses.

Character is:

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Gryffindor - Ronald Weasley
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