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 Adult - Penelope Clearwater

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PostSubject: Adult - Penelope Clearwater   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:31

Birth Name
First Name: Penelope
Middle Name(s): N/A.
Last Name: Clearwater
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: Percy calls her Penny.

Birth Records
Birthday: 13th January
Year: Sixth Year
Birthplace: Aberystwyth, Wales
Nationality: Welsh
Current Home: Aberystwyth, Wales
Blood Status: Muggleborn

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Steven Clearwater
Mother: Alysa Clearwater.
Father: Davin Clearwater.
Other: Annie Clearwater (sister-in-law) and Simon Clearwater (nephew.)
Guardian: Alysa Clearwater.

Maternal History: Alysa was born the youngest of three. Her older sister had all left home before she was born. She came along a full eleven years after the next sibling closest to her. Her parents thought she was a boy right until she was born. They were very disappointed they had yet another girl. Alysa spent the first few years of her life being treated like a boy. She had short hair, boy’s clothes and spent time with her father playing baseball and hockey. Despite the fact she generally hated sports. Her mother on the whole ignored her. She was unhappy as a child but was too quiet and shy to stand up for herself. By the time she left home she was just relieved to finally be able to be herself.

Paternal History: Davin had a happy childhood with loving parents in the middle of Welsh countryside. He spent his time helping his parents with their farm, playing in the hay bales, swimming in the lake and swinging on his tyre swing. He was an only child and spoiled by his parents because of it. He was expected to do his chores and help out but he still got anything he asked for that he could provide a valid reason for having. He was a social and energetic child who would chat happily to anyone that visited the farm. Following his mother around some days asking endless questions about literally everything.

Play By: [De Ravin, Emilie]
Hair: Long curly, wavy light blonde hair.
Eye: Light blue eyes, slightly slanted.
Skin Tone: She has pale skin, more white than pink.
Body: Penelope is a tall, slim girl with an hour glass figure.
Clothing: Penelope wears jeans and pretty but sensible tops. She wears flat shoes, no jewellery and usually has head bands and hair ties in her long hair. She aims to look pretty but comfortable and sensible at the same time.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Penelope was born seven years younger than her big brother. She was a long awaited girl to a mother who thought she wouldn’t be able to have any more children. As a child she enjoyed books – pictures at the start and then text as soon as she could – and learning new things. She was a smart child who did not like to ask questions but instead loved to find and work things out for herself. She had a lake in her garden for swimming, a wooden swing attached to one of the trees and all the attention from her stay-at-home father she could want. Her mother earned the money for the family working as a publisher.

When her parents started to notice strange things happening around their daughter they found it a bit hard to cope with. Mr Clearwater just pretending that nothing was happening. Mrs Clearwater sent her daughter to various specialists in London to be poked and prodded. Penelope did not mind these London trips. Seeing them as chances to read the fancy medical brochures and look at the complicated pictures of humans organs. Always wanting to learn. By the time she was old enough for Hogwarts her mother had given up on trying to work out what had been wrong with their daughter. When someone turned up to explain everything, and with the Hogwarts letter, Penelope easily accepted it all as truth. Mr Clearwater found it more of a struggle, but he too accepted it. Mrs Clearwater refused to believe it though. Choosing to have nothing to do with it. Telling everyone her daughter was going to a ‘specialist school’ and refusing to talk to her husband or daughter about anything magical.

Happiest Memory: Penelope’s happiest memory was her first trip up to London. She did not get to spend much time with her mother and she thought the whole thing was an amazing adventure. Holding her mother’s hand and loving having her own little bag to carry on the train. She got to get a salad from the station and a bag of sweets. Plus she saw so much stuff she had never seen before.

Worst Memory: When the doctors said there was nothing wrong with her. She was not sure what was really happening but she remembers her mother yelling at the doctor. Then ringing home and having an angry argument with her father over the phone. All the yelling and drama confused and upset Penelope.

Personality: Penelope is a smart and logical girl but she is also artistic. She likes cross-word puzzles and painting. She is a gentle and kind girl who believes in following the rules. However she dreams of having adventures and becoming a part of the books she so loves to read. She thinks everyone should be treated with respect as you never know what good people have in them till you give them a chance. She hates asking for help and would rather work out things for herself. She is a quiet girl most of the time and does not yell like some of the other prefects. More announces her opinion in an affronted or offended tone when upset or angry. She also has an excellent way of looking sad and seeming very disappointed with you which works on the less prevalent rule breakers. (Though her being pretty might help with that even if it is something Penny herself would never notice.) She is a loyal and trustworthy girl who does not like being in the spot-light. She would rather keep her private life private even from her family. Her mother’s hatred of magic has led her to make sure she never over-shares things about herself. She does not make friends easily despite being kind to most people. But when she does form a connection or relationship she is faithful to it no matter what.

Likes: Structure, crossword puzzles and figures of authority.
Dislikes: Snap judgements, being the centre of attention and getting into trouble.
Fears: Loosing Percy, her mother rejecting her and being expelled.
Hobbies: Reading, swimming and painting.
Habits: She will drag her long hair over her face when embarrassed so she is surveying the world through a haze of blonde.
Strengths: Penelope is open-minded, intelligent and hard-working.
Weaknesses: She finds it hard to connect with people, hates asking for help and is a bit naive.
Worst class: Divination
Best class: Charms
Traits: Intelligent, Organized and Artistic.
Values: Penelope believes that rules are rules and should be followed. However she is not so dedicated to the rules as to be mindless. So says that obeying a rule just because it’s a rule even when it might cause someone else undue pain is wrong. She believes that you should be loyal to those who are important to you and put them before anything else.
Thing(s) They Love: A thing black leather bracelet with a small blue stone set in a silver ring on it. It did not cost very much but she thinks it is beautiful because it came from Percy. Plus she can wear it, even though their relationship is secret, and think of him.

First sign of Magic:

Five year old Penelope was sitting in the lounge watching a documentary on polar bears. Her Dad was upstairs taking a nap. He could sleep through anything. It did not matter how loud the television was it never seemed to wake him. Penelope knew he probably should not have been napping when he was meant to be looking after her. Five year olds needed constant attention she had informed him but he had just chuckled and said he would be down in an hour or if he heard her scream or a loud bang or something like that. Penelope picked up the remote to turn the volume on the television down as the music began to louden in the background of the documentary. As she did so she heard a breaking of glass in the kitchen.

Climbing off the sofa she walked down the hall and looked around the door into the kitchen. There was glass all over the counter. Someone had broken the window. That same someone was now using both hands, through the gap made where the glass had been, to try and open the window. It had two panes of glass and so he needed it open to climb through apparently. Penelope stood with her mouth slightly open staring in shock and horror as she wanted the man. She then tried to decide what to do. By the time she had gone and got her Dad he might have burgled half the house. Plus then her Dad might get hurt. She wished with all her might that something would stop that man. Staring at the glass and feeling very angry that glass was so easy to break.

Then before her eyes the shattered pieces of glass flew up into the air. The window started to reform around the man’s hands. The next thing she knew the window was completely whole again bar the part that was sealed tightly around the man’s wrists. She watched as the man struggled but he could not remove his hands. He was completely trapped. The window did not even break under the strain of him trying to move his hands. Looking half-way between amazed and delighted Penelope walked across the kitchen and picking up the phone dialled the number for the emergency services.

“I think we have a burglar. Don’t worry. He is not going anywhere.”

What house your character feels they belong in:

Penelope was sitting in one of the compartments of the Hogwarts express reading ‘Hogwarts Houses – 101 facts’ which had father had got her from Diagon Alley as a present when they went to collect her school supplies. Being Muggleborn she wanted to be as prepared as possible before arrival at Hogwarts for what was to come. She was vaguely listening to a conversation that the other members of her compartment were having. These other members consisted of; a set of twins who’s trunks labelled them as Amber and Phelan Noel, a small girl with pigtails who had introduced herself as ‘Winky Crocket’ and finally a rather opinionated boy wearing a small badge on his jumper which said his name was Terrence Fogarty.

“I do not see the point in even discussing this” Terrence was informing them all in a rather pompous tone for an eleven year old. “My father says that the only houses worth even thinking about are Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. My father says if you do not get put in one of those then you might as well go home. My father says that if you do not have the intelligence of Ravenclaw or the bravery of Gryffindor then your destined to be useless at life anyway.”

“There are four houses though” Winky began but what else she might have said was never heard.
"Don’t be stupid" Terrence interrupted with a shake of his head. “Only a silly little muggleborns would be dumb enough to think that you would want to be in Slytherin or Hufflepuff. Who wants to sneak around being a filthy little liar or be known for cunning? As for Hufflepuff well that is just the leftover house for all the rejects who do not get into the best houses. It is just the house for those no-one else wants to teach.”

“I do not think you are right” Penelope softly announced with a small smile. She did not really like telling people they were wrong, unless they were doing something that factually wrong like breaking a rule in an obvious manor. Yet the boy had been so insulting she felt that she had to say something. “My book says …”

“Are you saying your book is smarter than my father?” Terrence asked in a highly affronted tone.

“Let her talk” Amber Noel announced speaking, for the first time the entire journey, in a slightly exasperated tone. “She might have something worthwhile to say.”

“Yes” Phelan agreed with a small smile “tell us what house you think you will be in?”

“Well” Penelope began when the twins seemed to have shut Terrence up and everyone was now looking at her. “I do not know for certain of course but I think it is all matter of balancing your personality with the house. For example you might be considered brave in which case you would think you would be suitable for Gryffindor. Except if your bravery is more reckless endangerment of yourself and others and being in a house of that type would push towards risking more than just your own skin it might be considered ill-advised to play off bravery as your best attribute. It is one thing to be brave it is another to be foolishly reckless. If you’re meant for Gryffindor then it can take you to greatness I am sure. However a student being put in Gryffindor wrongly would be far more destructive than putting them in one of the other houses even if they thought the other houses were stupid.”

“You are just saying that cos you are too much of a wimp for Gryffindor” Terrence loudly announced still annoyed. No-one looked like they believed him though.

“It is true that I do not think I would make a very good Gryffindor” Penelope admitted, not considering herself all that brave. Not that she had really had the opportunity to test it out.

“What about the other houses?” Amber prompted looking keen to have Penelope continue.

“What about Hufflepuff?” Winky asked in an excited tone having decided that was her favourite house even though she knew nothing about any of the houses not having done any research what so ever.

“Well Hufflepuff is certainly more worthy than some people seem to give it credit” Penelope responded in a such a warm tone of voice that even Terrence did not seem to take it as a jibe at him. “If you think about it a house which encourages loyalty in the students, loyalty to everyone they hold dear and to their house and school, is an excellent aspect to have. However I know from personal experience that mindless loyalty which is not guarded by reason and judgement can lead to great tragedies. After all it only takes someone to give their word to something in a moment of thoughtlessness and unthinking loyalty can lead them to through with something they might never normally have done. Combine this with patience and hard-work and you have created yourself a formidable army.”

“What do you mean?” Amber asked understanding most of it but wanting clarification.

“To give an example” Penelope thoughtfully responded, remembering she ahd been asked which house she thought she would be in. “I have always been known to be hard-working but I think my own weakness for unbreakable loyalty might lead me down the wrong path should I join a house which encourages that aspect in particular within me.”

“But Hufflepuff is a good house” Winky prompted not having fully understood everything.
“For those destined to be in hufflepuff I am sure it is as great as any of the other houses” Penelope kindly informed her, believing this very strongly. “It is all about moderation and considering what house you should be in based on reasoning and logic not based on what character trait you think might look the best.”

Phelan spoke now in a quiet tone “our family has always been in Slytherin. What is your opinion on that? Would you leave if you were made a Slytherin?”

Penelope looked surprised at the idea “I don’t think any house would make me want to leave. After all Slytherin might have a bad reputation but all the books I had read that look at it from a fair and unbiased perspective seem to have a far more valid opinion than simply saying it is ‘where the bad wizards go.’”

“So what about the bad wizards?” Amber asked before Penelope could finish, fascinated.

“Well maybe the fact that ambitious people generally end up in the spotlight and that house hones and encourages ambition might make it the reason” Penelope decided after a moment’s thought “after all I am sure that not all of those bad wizards necessarily had a bad reputation at school. Some of them might very well have been excellent students. Unchecked ambition can drive a person to any lengths. Plus a lot of people seem to think cunning means cheating. It is actually just the ability to get what you want without necessarily drawing attention to yourself. Combine young students with ambition who are being pushed by their parents to get ahead no matter what and you have either a recipe for greatness or a recipe for darkness. I would be cynical if the sorting had made me a Slytherin because I am neither overly ambitious – I want to be head girl one day but that is about it for now – nor all that cunning. Secrets make me feel sick and I am useless at twisting the truth even for a good cause unless I have had time to practise. I certainly wouldn’t go home though.”

“So you think you are going to be a Ravenclaw?” Amber deduced as she had discounted all the other houses.

“Go on little Miss smarty pants know it all” Terrence snapped “tell us all about Ravenclaw then.”

“Well I think that saying Ravenclaw is best just because intelligence is prized is wrong” Penelope softly concluded “intelligence in the wrong hands can be a disaster waiting to happen. If you have someone who feels they have to live up to the reputation of Ravenclaw so they study all the time and fill their head with hundreds of facts and then can’t even enjoy hanging out with their friends because all they can think about is what they last read – that would be a bad student for Ravenclaw despite the person being obviously intelligent. No from what I have gathered Ravenclaw is for students who like to learn, who want to enjoy the benefits of wisdom and wit and who find pleasure in a good book. Not for students who think intelligence looks good and is a thing you ought to have.”

“Wow” Winky announced “I wish I was as smart as you.”

“She is not smart” Terrence loudly protested “she is dumb!”

“I think everyone should be treated with respect” Penelope simply replied “and so usually I would say you’re entitled to your opinion but if you call me dumb again I might try out some of the interesting new spells I learned.” She then returned to the book with a small smile on her face. This was going to be a good year. Winky, Amber and Phelan seemed like good people who she might become good friends with, Quidditch – which she had read a lot about in her books and decided she liked – was going to be available to her for the first time ever and she would be in a house full of magical people not worrying what her mum might think.

What house you feel your character belongs in:

Penelope shows later on in the books that she is brave and she does have a sense of duty. However fear keeps her from living out the adventures she dreams of a lot of the time. She is hard-working and patient but she finds it very hard to form loyalties. She is not that ambitious for the long term future. Therefore she has it relatively accurate in her reasoned argument. She is open-minded, witty and intelligent – she is a Ravenclaw.

Character is:

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Adult - Penelope Clearwater
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