Step into the magical world of Harry Potter. Solve riddles, use magic, attend lessons and become a part of the Harry Potter universe.
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 Ravenclaw - Luna Lovegood

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HIH Queen Emma of Awesome

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PostSubject: Ravenclaw - Luna Lovegood   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:32

Birth Name
First Name: Luna
Middle Name(s): Sitara.
Last Name: Lovegood
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: She gets referred to as 'Loony'

Birth Records
Birthday: 2nd May
Year: Second Year
Birthplace: St Mugoes, London
Nationality: British
Current Home: Outside Ottery St Catchpole
Blood Status: Pureblood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): None.
Mother: Pandora Lovegood
Father: Xenophilius Lovegood
Other: None.
Guardian: Xenophilius Lovegood.

Maternal History: Pandora was a Pure-Blood witch born to Lysander London and Charlotte London nee Marina. Pandora had strict parents who loved their daughter but expected a lot from her. She was taught to be seen but not heard around the house. She was not allowed to eat upstairs, play in the garden unsupervised or do anything fun until all her homework was all complete. She had several different tutors and was taught ballet and Latin along with her regular school curriculum. She longed for freedom and a chance to escape and be herself. Pandora was an organized and intelligent girl who loved to see the beauty in life. She always wanted to learn more, see more and explore more.

Paternal History: Xenophilius Lovegood was a chaotic and disorganized child. Always getting into trouble for accidentally breaking things. He was teased as a child for living more in his imagination than in the real world. He was an open-minded child who believed everyone deserved a chance. His parents loved him but never really understood him.

Play By: [Lynch, Evanna]
Hair: Straggly, waist length dirty blonde hair.
Eye: Protuberant eyes that give her a permanently surprised look and her blue in colour
Skin Tone: Pale
Body: Luna is of average height and is just below average weight.
Clothing: Luna had a unique fashion sense that other people usually found bizarre. She often wore odd pieces of jewellery such as a Butterbeer cork necklace and Dirigible plum earrings. Luna often didn't wear shoes because students in her house would take her shoes and hide them.
Other: None.

Your Childhood Before School: When she was little her mother kept Luna neatly dressed and in pretty outfits. She was a stay-at-home mother and adored her daughter. However when Luna was nine her mother, who loved to experiment with new spells and potions, performed a spell wrongly and the backlash killed her right in front of Luna. While she missed her mother Luna was now raised by her father alone. While Xenophilius and Pandora had shared the same values when it came to teaching their daughter to appreciate the world, see the good in everything and be open-minded in all things their parenting styles differed in that Xenophilius was a lot more scatty than his wife. Since her mother's death Luna, who used to look neat and well put together, became more exotic in the way she dressed. Her mother taught her art and she kept that up throughout her childhood.

Happiest Memory: The first time her mother taught her art. Pandora sat on the bed with her daughter in her lap. Then Luna watched with delight as Pandora made gold sparkles fly through the air. The gold sparkles formed pictures that settled on Luna's ceiling and walls.
Worst Memory: Watching her mother die in front of her. It all happened so quickly that she was not sure what happened at first. Then her Dad was telling her that her mother was never coming back. That the spell had gone wrong and she was gone.

Personality: Luna is a very quirky girl. She has a serene disposition and many eccentric beliefs and qualities. She is a complete nonconformist. She lacks any self-consciousness and is never afraid to show who she truly is. She is an intelligent and unusually perceptive girl. She has a knack for embarrassing honesty and she is completely unflappable and rarely seems anxious or under stress or even angry. She finds it hard to make friends, being often ridiculed, but is very loyal to the friends she does have. She can show admirable bravery when it is required of her.
Likes: Misunderstood animals, the quibbler and riddles
Dislikes: Close-minded people, people who threaten her friends and the ministry
Fears: Loosing her father, never making any friends, being paralyzed
Hobbies: Tracking dangerous animals, art and reading
Habits: She tucks her wand behind her ear. She stares unblinking.
Strengths: Brave, loyal and open-minded.
Weaknesses: A knack for embarrassing honesty, does not fit in well and finds it hard to make friends
Worst class: History of Magic
Best class: Charms
Traits: Brave, Quirky and Honest
Values: Everyone deserves a chance in life. You should be open-minded, honest and stand up for what you believe in no matter the cost.
Thing(s) They Love: A picture of her and her mum in a gold frame.

Please post below a 100 word or more rp of their first time using magic.

Luna was dancing around her room in her ballet tutu practicing her own version of the dance they had been doing at class. She was five years old and already showing her very unique personality. As she danced she waved her mother's wand about. She had picked it up from her mother's side because she wanted to play 'grown-ups' and now was pretending to be her mother. Stumbling on something she fell over and landed on the wand. It was fine bar a chip on the side that made it evident it had been played with.

Luna was not exactly worried but she did feel bad that she had hurt the wand. Clutching it tight she closed her eyes and murmured "I wish it was not broke. I wish it was not broke." When her eyes opened to her surprise and delight the wand was exactly as it had been before she fell. Skipping to put it back where her mother left it she rushed to tell her mother the story anyway.

Please post below 100 words or more rp in which your character considers what house they belong in.

"Gryffindor oh Gryffindor where brave people dwell. Do I belong in your house, oh Gryffindor do tell" Luna sang to herself as she made up the words as she went along. She was waiting for her father to be ready so they could set off for the station. She was just about to start her first year at Hogwarts and could not decide what house she wanted to be in. "Well Dad says I am smart and mum was a Ravenclaw so maybe that is where I am meant to be. I do not know. Any house would be as good. I could excel anywhere. I do like eagles though. I am not sure about snakes. They are unlucky so I heard. Though I do not want to judge. Badgers are cute and fierce and tough. Yet they just need a little bit of love. So any house ... again."

Please post below, in 50 words or more, what house you feel your character should be in.

Luna is clearly meant to be in ravenclaw. She is an intelligent girl who is perceptive, talented with riddles and open-minded towards everything. While she is brave she only shows it when she needs to and it tends to be more lack of fear than because she is trying to be brave. She is the opposite of cunning and she is too distracted and absent-minded to really be hard-working.

Character is:

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Ravenclaw - Luna Lovegood
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