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 Gryffindor - Lee Jordan

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HIH Queen Emma of Awesome

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PostSubject: Gryffindor - Lee Jordan   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:33

Birth Name
First Name: Lee
Middle Name(s): River.
Last Name: Jordan
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: N/A

Birth Records
Birthday: 3rd April
Year: Fourth
Birthplace:  Brixton, London
Nationality: British
Current Home: Brixton, London
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): N/A.
Mother: Amina Jordan nee Kimani
Father: Warren Jordan.
Other: N/A.
Guardian: Amina and Warren Jordan.

Maternal History: Amina Kimani was a muggle born to a very poor family in Nairobi. She was adopted when she was a baby by a couple who were over donating money and supplies to the local mission shelter. She was raised by her adopted parents in Nairobi while they did their mission work. She did not see much of her adopted parents. Spending most of her life being looked after by an aupair. However she had a happy enough childhood despite this. Growing up around the mission gave her a sense of independence, resilience and a desire to help others. From young she was doing what she could to help out.  It wasn’t until university that she travelled to England and stayed there.

Paternal History: Warren was born the youngest of four children. He was the only magical child from a muggle father and magical mother. His father never knew he had married a witch. It was only when Warren started showing symptoms of magic that his mother confessed the truth. Warren’s father threw them out the house.  Wile spent the next two years living in shelters and youth hostels with his mother. Doing what he could to get work despite his young age – even it was just a hand delivery job. When he was old enough he got a job working for a cannery and managed to make enough to get him and his mother a house.

Play By: [Youngblood, Luke]
Hair: Lee has black hair in dreadlocks. It falls to just above his shoulders and hangs messily around his features.  
Eye: Lee has dark brown eyes of an oval shape.
Skin Tone:  Lee is dark skinned
Body: Lee is of  short and stocky build with broad shoulders and roundish features.
Clothing: He is at home in muggle clothes. Whatever he is wearing is guaranteed to be comfortable and at the point where it does not matter if it gets dirty.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Lee was raised in a rough neighbourhood. He was not allowed out the house unsupervised and no-one went out the house after dark. Despite the high crime and violence rate of where they lived Lee never seemed to be affected by it. He had a loving parents who worked hard to put food on the table, clothes in his wardrobe and a smile on his face. While he did not have much – his family was poor – he had enough to get by. He was a smart boy who loved to create things. He also enjoyed being the centre of attention. Whenever his mother was not working she was expected to be his captive audience. He was looked after at a care facility for poor families while his parents worked. He did not mind this because he was a social child who enjoyed spending time with other children.

Happiest Memory: Lee’s happiest memory is when he got his first karaoke machine. His mother and father saved hard for him to be able have it. It was second hand and not all the buttons worked. He could, however, still happily sing loudly into the microphone his own rendition of the three songs the machine played while his mother watched and clapped at all the right times.
Worst Memory: The first time there was a riot in his area. He had to sit up in his room by himself while his parents went out to try and see if they could prevent too much damage. He huddled by the window of his bedroom, worried about his parents, and watching the fires burning from where the rioters had set some shops ablaze.

Personality: Lee is a lively and sociable person who is never so happy as when someone is giving him attention. He loves animals (especially his tarantula Gefele whose name is a mixture of him and his friends and who underwent an engorgement spell to make her a giant tarantula.) He is good with his hands and great at mending and fixing things. He has a short attention span and gets distracted easily. He very much believes in honest and that things should just be said as they are. Even things that should not necessarily be said at all. Lee likes organized chaos rather than chaos for the sake of chaos.
Likes: Spiders, attention and quidditch.
Dislikes: Silence, ignorance and having his creativity stifled.
Fears: Loosing one of his friends. Losing his parents. Riots.  
Hobbies: Helping the twins with their pranks. Commentating. Karaoke.
Habits: He speech tends to escalate in volume when he gets excited.
Strengths: He is loyal, free-spirited and creative.
Weaknesses: He has problems with authority, he is a little attention seeking, he is too honest.
Worst class: Potions
Best class: Transfigurations
Traits: Lively – Honest - Loud
Values: Rules aren’t always rules. Sometimes they are guidelines for living disguised as rules. Guidelines for living can be ignored. In fact it is practically your duty to ignore them. Make the most out of life – do what is right by your friends and family, protect those you love and make sure the world is always laughing.
Thing(s) They Love: His wand. It seems a bit typical but really it represents a way out of his life at home. Magic shows him the future. The way he can get a job, buy his parents a great house and make the world a better place.

First sign of Magic:

Lee had gone with his mum to the shopping centre. She only went when they had enough to afford it. Usually they got there food from the market and the soup kitchen. As they entered the shopping centre Lee was sure even the air smelled posh. He held his mother’s hand tight and yet tried to look at everything they passed. At one point the excitement got too much and he lost his mother’s hand while staring wide eyed into a toy shop window. When he had done gawking he looked around for his mother. She was gone. She would not have gone far. She was paranoid about losing him. Especially in the area they lived. Except to a five year old any distance seemed far.

He desperately looked around. Searching for where she might be. He saw her in the distance looking for him. He also saw another person who seemed to be walking straight towards him. Even as he walked towards his mother the person kept walking towards him. Lee broke into a run. The person though was closer than his mum was. However what happened next, which the muggles put down to a trick of the light, was Lee sped up. His little legs moved faster than they should have been capable of. Somehow, magically, he ended up being gathered into his mum’s arms in next to no time – literally.

What house your character feels they belong in:

“I bet I am a Gryffindor actually” Lee decided after he had heard the twins give their reasoning. He relaxed back into his chair and added with a grin “but I have real reasons. Not just I want to be a little clone of the rest of my family.” There was teasing in his tone.

He carried on “I am brave but I also noble and all that … I totally saved a girl’s life once. Pulled her out of the way of a car and everything. That has to be worth some nobility points. Plus isn’t that chivalry. Saving damsels in distress.”

Lee paused and then added in a semi-sarcastic tone “oh and if the house is twins approved it must be the best. I deserve the best. I am a Gryffindor.”

What house you feel your character belongs in:

Lee isn’t ambitious. He lives day to day and is all about surviving. His only dream at all is to one day buy his parents that big house they have always dreamed about. He is far too relaxed and laid back to be called hard-working. Though he is patient if you call it that and not lazy. He is smart but he is not into learning anything he does not want to, he does not do wit and learning just because. He is open-minded though. So that is not really Slytherin, only a bit Hufflepuff and only in part a Ravenclaw. Showing he was destined to be a Gryffindor. Brave, noble and chivalrous if he needs to be – when someone is called upon to do something dangerous for a good cause then he is the first one there.

Character is:

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Gryffindor - Lee Jordan
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