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 Adult - Hecate Audrey Oakham

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HIH Queen Emma of Awesome

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PostSubject: Adult - Hecate Audrey Oakham   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:34

Birth Name
First Name: Hecate
Middle Name(s): Audrey.
Last Name: Oakham
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: She is always called Audrey. Her sisters call her Tea and her parents call her ‘Little Dreya.’

Birth Records
Birthday: 14th January
Year: Fifth Year
Birthplace: Oakham House, Lacock, Wiltshire.
Nationality: English
Current Home: Oakham House, Lacock, Wiltshire.
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Satoria, Perses and Elizabeth.
Mother: Astoria Oakham
Father: Edward Oakham
Other: N/A
Guardian: Astoria and Edward Oakham

Maternal History: Astoria was a witch born to magical parents and raised in the middle of London in a large town house. Her parents both worked full time and the family was rich. However Astoria was lonely due to the fact she was bought up by a nanny and never saw her parents. She had playdates with other children but since her mother was always changing who she liked – and therefore whose children Astoria could associate with – she never saw the same child enough times to become friends.

She spent a lot of time in her bedroom reading her books and using her imagination to entertain herself. She resented her parents for how the treated her. Even when she went off to Hogwarts she longed for the day she could marry someone for love – not money despite what her mother said – and have a family of her own.

Paternal History: Edward was a wizard born to muggle parents. His parents were national trust tenants. This meant they got paid a comfortable income in order to upkeep the historically preserved cottage they rented in the grounds of one the large and expansive houses the NT owned. They were also expected to put up with tourists visiting during the summer months. Though the tourists came to see the large main house and rarely ventured out as far as the cottage which was at the very edge of the grounds behind the large lake.

This meant Edward did not have any modern conveniences as a child. They lit the house using candles, they had no television or computers or electrical appliances and cooking was done in a pot over the fire. Water was fetched from a pump that lay in the small courtyard beside the cottage. The only modern parts of the house were the fact the family wore modern clothes, they owned a car which was hidden inside an almost dilapidated shed when not in use and the house had an indoor toilet.

Edward did not really mind the life style as it was all he had known. He spent his days playing football on the grass outside the house with his siblings, playing with wooden toys his Dad whittled for him and enjoying the love and attention of parents who were always there for him. He learned to swim from a young age in the big lake near their cottage and he had a wooden swing attached to the big oak tree by the lake side. In fact when he went off to Hogwarts it seemed very much like the life he had at home, but with the added bonus of magic. Edward did not make many friends as a child because there were no other children around and the car they owned was only really to go out for shopping when they needed food and other essentials runs. However with plenty of siblings to hang around with he did not mind much.

Play By: [Samuels, Skylar]
Hair: Bust length slightly curly, slightly wavy light blonde hair.
Eye: Oval dark blue eyes with long lashes.
Skin Tone: Pale, just pinkish enough to be healthy.
Body: Audrey is a slim girl with petite curves and a small bust. She is of average height.
Clothing: Audrey wears simple and comfortable clothes. Jeans, t-shirts and trainers mostly.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Audrey’s father had taken over his parents job when they died, as National Trust Tenant’s, and therefore Audrey grew up in the same medieval cottage her father had. Due to the position of the cottage the family could use magic without any worry about being discovered. This meant what had been a historically backward lifestyle for her father was simply a normal one for Audrey as the lack of electricity and the reliance on magic was just like any magical family.

Audrey enjoyed swimming in the lake, swinging on the wooden swing which had once belonged to her father and sitting in the grass looking through the glossy pictures of her fairy books. She was a quiet and shy child who was as happy alone as she was in company. She was always willing to help her parents around the house even if she did not have the advantage of magic like they did. She was an only until she went off to Hogwarts as her younger siblings came along eleven years later than her.

Due to her parents desire that she not become isolated Audrey was taken to Diagon Alley regularly. The fireplace (aka the Floo Network) was now a valuable and easy way to travel. So the children could take part in activities and spend time with other children their age. Plus it meant visiting other families was easy too.

Audrey was never sporty as a child. She had no interest in quidditch but she enjoyed the fact that during the winter months, when their house was cut off from the outside world, she could fly around on the cheap broomstick her parents had got her. Racing between the trees and seeing if she could fly low enough over the water to reach down and touch it. Her parents did not seem to feel the need to start her off on a child’s broom but right away allowed her the real thing. Audrey liked to spend time with the animals found around the grounds and spent more time indoors than out. Though she also liked to sit in her room write in her diary or sew little dresses for her dolls.

Happiest Memory: Sitting with her family in front of a crackling fire. The weather was awful outside but inside it was warm and cosy. Her mother was knitting a new scarf and her father was reading a leather bound book about insects. Audrey sat on the floor in front of their chairs, on a cushion, looking through one of her fairy books. Everyone was content and happy.

Worst Memory: The first time she fell off her broom. She really had no idea how to use it. She had just been given it and allowed the freedom to try it out. Her Dad had attempted to explain how to fly but without a demonstration Audrey had been a bit lost. It had been a harmless enough crash into the lake. However Audrey remembered floundering, splashing and feeling like she was going to drown. Almost as though she had forgotten she could swim. Her clothes taking in water and her head hurting from where she had clipped a tree branch in falling.

Personality: Audrey is a mild-tempered girl. She is shy, quiet and tries to make everyone happy. She will do pretty much anything that is asked of her provided it does not hurt anyone else. She finds breaking rules hard and prefers to just stick to how things are meant to be done. She is as happy alone as she is in company and does not like situations with too many people at once. Audrey is a sweet girl who is easy to please and tends to pour out any emotions she does have into her diary. If she is upset she will try not to show it and if someone insults her she will just take it.

She finds it hard to complain or protest about things and generally just accepts that someone else is probably right and she is probably wrong. She has an affectionate heart and desires nothing more than comfort and security. She hates it when people argue. She can be easily taken advantage of because of her desire to make everyone happy. She is happiest when being in the background – part of the reason why she uses her much more ordinary middle name rather than her more exotic first name. She has common sense but is not overly intelligent and sometimes has no idea what people are saying, especially if it is about anything remotely intellectual. Though her default is to just smile and agree with whatever the other person is saying.

Likes: Smiling, making people happy, Swimming, nature, animals, reading and keeping a diary.
Dislikes: Arguments, breaking rules and being outside her comfort zone.
Fears: Losing her family, social situations with too many people, people being mad at her.
Hobbies: Swimming, walking, reading, writing and keeping her diary.
Habits: She will bite down on her lower lip when upset or confused.
Strengths: Audrey is hard-working, patient and trustworthy.
Weaknesses: Easily manipulated, very shy and has shaky self-esteem.
Worst class: Potions
Best class: Care of Magical Creatures
Traits: Sweet, Shy and Quiet.

Values: Audrey believes that the good of the many outweigh the good of the few. Though this usually just translates as her putting everyone else’s happiness about her own. She thinks if you’re good, sensible and obey the rules then you can be sure you’re doing the right thing. Do what the world expects of you and you will be fine unless the rules are asking you to do something which would hurt another person then don’t do it. She generally has to make her choice based on the situation.

Thing(s) They Love: A carved wooden box her father made. It has her name and her parents’ names carved into it. He added her siblings when they were born too. Intricate animal’s designs also cover it. It is a jewellery box by design but Audrey tends to keep her best quills in it.

Character is:

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Adult - Hecate Audrey Oakham
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