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 Slytherin - Selina Moore

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PostSubject: Slytherin - Selina Moore   Wed 21 Jan 2015, 02:38

Birth Name
First Name: Selina
Middle Name(s): Lilian
Last Name: Moore
Suffix: N/A
Nickname: Seli, Lin or Lia

Birth Records
Birthday: 28th December
Year: 5th Year
Birthplace: Hogsmede
Nationality: English
Current Home: Hogsmede
Blood Status: Half-blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Sunny, Sierra, Summer, Sidney and Serenity
Mother: Willow Moore nee Martyn
Father: Aladdin Moore
Other: N/A
Guardian: Willow and Aladdin Moore

Maternal History: Willow was born the daughter of Irish Gypsies. She traveled around the country as a child in a horse drawn caravan. While most gypsies had moved onto modern caravans the fact they were a magical family meant that the Martyn's preferred to stick with the traditional caravan. Willow loved traveling and horse-riding and playing on the road with her siblings. Except she sometimes wished they could settle and have a proper home. She never attended school but instead was home-schooled. For this reason she did not learn any magic until she was seventeen because her parents kept her from attending even magical school. They did not want her to loose her heritage. She taught herself magic, after the age of seventeen, using books. She left her home at seventeen and kind of wondered around before meeting Aladdin.

Paternal History: Miss Moore owned 'Nobody's Inn' a small but cosy Inn that was nestled on the outskirts of Hogsmede. Behind the Bar of the Inn was a door that led to the family house that went off the back of the Inn. Aladdin was expected to stay quiet when in the house and be polite to all the guests. He had no chores though and was allowed to entertain himself as he saw fit when he was not at school. He had his dinner in the kitchen of the Inn. He was an only child and ate while his mother cooked for the guests staying in the Inn. His mother worked hard but since she worked from home basically he could see her whenever he wanted. He married Willow only about six months after meeting her and she moved into the Inn. When Miss Moore died Aladdin and Willow took over the Inn.

Play By: [Fox, Rachel]
Hair: Naturally straight blonde hair that skims the edge of her bust.
Eye: Slightly slanted, oval blue eyes.
Skin Tone: pale but not unhealthily so
Body: Selina is of average height and is just the right side of chunky, with feminine curves.
Clothing: Selina has to buy most of her clothes second-hand but she is talented with a needle and will take clothes apart and make them up much prettier. She likes hooped earrings, hand-made jewellery, loose skirts and pretty tops. She loves boots.
Other: N/A

Your Childhood Before School: Selina grew up in the family quarters of Nobody's Inn as her father had before her on the outskirts of Hogsmede. Her parents worked very hard and while the Inn was popular enough it made mostly just enough to get by. This meant the family never had very much money. For this reason Willow taught her daughter to use a needle and thread and Aladdin taught his daughter to whittle. Selina was good with her hands and from a young age was making her second hand clothes prettier and making her own jewellery and wooden toys. As she got older she made wooden toys as birthday and Christmas presents for her siblings. She also helped look after her siblings around the Inn and she put food on the table while her mother prepared food for the guests.

Selina was sent to muggle school in a village a few miles walked from Hogsmede because her mother wanted her to experience all cultures. Selina was teased mercilessly at school. However she never told her parents about it. As she got older she would be in charge of taking her siblings to school. She was also the one that comforted them when they got bullied for being different from the other children. In the evenings, from the age of ten, Selina used to put on traditional gypsy dress and tambourine in hand would dance for the guests in the Inn and people in the bar. This made extra tips to help the family. Selina was allowed to horse-ride on the horse that they kept in the paddock behind the Inn.

Happiest Memory: The first time she horse rode. Her mother just hoisted her up onto the horse, with a saddle, and then left her to it. Selina thought it was amazing.

Worst Memory: Standing in the playground while students stood around teasing and laughing at her. Making fun off the odd patch in her skirt or top she had been too busy to fix, or the fact she had a stain on her sleeve because the baby had been sick on her or grass if her hair because she had to rescue one of her little siblings who had climbed through a hedge on the way to school.

Personality: Selina does not trust people easily because she is use to being let down. She was bullied so much as a child, both mentally and physically, that she learned to never let anyone get close to her. She is fiercely loyal to her family and will get angry if you insult them. The rest of the time she rarely shows negative emotions because she has learned to repress them. She never cries in front of anyone. Selina is an excellent liar but she tends to avoid using it unless she feels its necessary. She just has a knack with words. Selina's defense mechanism is to be mean to others before they can be mean to her and push people away so they cannot hurt her. For this reason she has been known to curse other students and insult people regularly. However she hates cowardice and would never hit someone when there back was turned. She might take pride in reducing someone to tears, in the same way people did to her in the past, but she would never physically hurt someone. She cannot stand bullying in others and will wade in to protect someone who is being bullied. Though if you try and thank her she will probably insult you herself and leave. Because she is so desperate to protect herself she gets very lonely but she would never tell anyone that. Selina is good with her hands and she uses this to make up for the fact the family does not have a lot of money. She is not ashamed of this but she does wish sometimes they had more. Selina has been called a bitch but she becomes a different person when dancing. She wants to make something of herself one day.

Likes: Dancing, exploring Hogsmede and music.
Dislikes: Bullies, cowardice and Ignorance
Fears: Someone seeing her cry, loosing a member of her family and fire
Hobbies: She plays several musical instraments, Dancing, Sewing, Making jewellery and whittling.
Habits: She bites down on her lower lip when she is trying to keep her composure.
Strengths: Brave, talented with her hands and loyal
Weaknesses: Does not trust anyone, can be really mean and has a sharp temper.
Worst class: Potions
Best class: Charms
Traits: Talented, Creative and Mean
Values: Cowardice is unforgivable but you must do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family.
Thing(s) They Love: She has a small wooden box made by her father to keep her jewellery in. It has a small golden key to open it and it is charmed to play her favorite song when it opens.

Please post below a 100 word or more rp of their first time using magic.

Selina was dancing in the Inn as usual. Swinging her tambourine and allowing her long skirt to float around her. She was just coming to the end of her number when she heard a scream. Dropping a tambourine she sprinted out the Inn and round to the paddock at the back where the scream had come from. She entered the stable to see one of her young siblings hanging from the hay loft. Just as she tried to think of what to do Serenity lost her grip and plummeted. Wide-eyed and panicking Selina willed her to be okay, unable to do anything, as she ran across the stable to try and catch her. She missed but somehow Serenity was okay. She hit the ground and then bounced to her feet. Shakily standing there scared. Selina closed the gap and wrapped her sister in a tight hug. Unsure what happened but thankful Serenity was okay.

Please post below 100 words or more rp in which your character considers what house they belong in.

"Are you going to be a Gryffindor?" Sierra asked looking wide-eyed up at her sister.

"I do not know" Selina admitted "I don't know everything."

"You do!" Sierra declared with a giggle.

"Well I might not be chivalrous enough for Gryffindor" Selina decided "plus I am not all that brave unless I need to be."

"You are really brave" Sidney broke in "you catch spiders."

"Spiders do not make you a Gryffindor" Selina explained with affection. "I want to be someone some day. Plus I am loyal to my family. Oh and believe in self-preservation. I am probably a Slytherin."

"Plus you like snakes" Sidney added making a 'sssss' noise that made them all laugh.

"What about ravenclaw?" Sierra asked "you are smart."

"I am not book smart" Selina corrected "I am little children smart" and she reached out to tickle her sister.

Character is:

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Slytherin - Selina Moore
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