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 Euan Abercrombie

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Euan Abercrombie

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PostSubject: Euan Abercrombie   Fri 17 Apr 2015, 20:53

Birth Name
First Name:  Euan
Middle Name(s): Not everyone has them, and some have several, but most people have only one.
Last Name: Abercrombie
Nickname: Crumbs

Birth Records
Birthday: August 20
Year: 1st
Birthplace:  Great Britain
Nationality: British
Current Home: Dover, England
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Brother(s)/Sister(s): Gavin (2), Marcus (4) Randall (6)/Marta (2) Janay (3) Patricia (6) Nicole (9)
Mother: Cecily
Father: Algernon
Other: Euan Abercrombie and Marta Abercrombie (Paternal Grandparents). Marcus Yates and Patricia Yates (Paternal grandparnets, both deceased).
Guardian: Mother and father.

Maternal History:
Cecily Yates was born an only child to two very loving, caring parents. They were also very, very wealthy. Somewhere down the line, they had something to do with inventing something, nobody really remembers, though they are one of the old families of Britain who just happen to have a lot of money. Cecily was a good child, always doing as she was told, never getting into too much trouble. Even though she was brought up with money, she wasn’t spoiled. Her parents looked after her, ergo, so never had a nanny.

As a teenager she was the same. She always got good grades and become somewhat of a violin prodigy. Something she practiced every day, mind you. She loved it. There was nothing more that she wanted in this world than to be a concert violinist. And would you guess? Her wish came true when she was 16 years old. She was one of the youngest concert violin players, at least professional wise, at the time.

Today she still does performances, though mostly solo violin concerts and not too many. She has enough money to where it doesn’t matter if she makes it or not. She also has a plethora of children to keep her busy. She married Algernon when she was 21, and along came Euane.

Paternal History:
Algernon was a bit of a problem child. He was born into wealth, a pureblood family, the Abercrombies were, and very, very wealthy. Not just wealthy in the Wizarding world, but in the Muggle world as well. Apparently along the line, there was some money made, some investments made, and boom. A success none the less. Algernon, however, rebelled against this lifestyle. He just wanted a normal life with his parents, no caretaker. He never had any siblings, so he was alone most of the time.

He was in Ravenclaw when he went to Hogwarts, the house that all of his family had been in, though he didn’t want to be in there. He never felt he was smart enough, or witty enough. He felt he belonged in Gryffindor, and thus, the rebellious attitude he had as a child came out in school. He was known as a prankster.

He never had to worry about a job outside of school, and so he didn’t. While at a gala when he was 19 he met a violinist, Cecily, and began dating her. They were married when they both turned 21, and began to have a huge family, being that both of them were single children. Cecily was shocked when she learned about Algernon’s ‘alternate’ lifestyle, but accepted it and her children. All of whom show magical tendencies.

Play By: [Last name of Celeb, First name of Celeb]Timberlake, Justin
Hair: Short and blonde
Eye: Piercing and blue...
Skin Tone:  White
Body: Skinny, somewhat toned. Slight tan. About 4’7 as an 11 year old, 90 pounds. As he gets older, he will grow.
Clothing: Hoodies, long sleeve, somewhat baggy things.

Your Childhood Before School:
Before school, Euan was the king of the castle. He was the oldest of 8 children, which meant he had 7 young people to do his bidding. He is almost an exact replica of both his parents, being somewhat mischevious like his father, and excellent at the violin, like his mother. She he would enlist his brothers and sisters to help him prank the neighborhood children, and sometimes the neighborhood adults. He would also make them sit and listen to him play the violin. Yes, he had it pretty good before school. Of course, all good things have to come to an end, and he is scared of going to Hogwarts. Living in-between magical and muggle worlds was just fine…but now he has to live purely in magical land? Oi.

Happiest Memory:
His happiest memory is when he got his first violin. He was about 4. His mother gave it to him has a Christmas present and it instantly created a bond between them. He holds it in higher regard than anything.

Worst Memory:
Him and his brothers and sisters tried to prank the local police station into thinking that there was a murder at the house next door to his. The police found it out right away, and they told him the next time he tried something like this, he would be thrown in prison.

Personality: Euan loves more than anything to just have fun. He finds it in a lot of ways, whether its playing the violin, sitting around under the stars trying to name all the constellations, or just causing a little bit of chaos with his brothers and sisters. One thing, though, being that he is the oldest of so many children, he does have a bit of a “I need to be the leader” complex, since he is always the leader. But mostly he is just a really nice, fun guy.
Likes: Violin, Blueberries, Jokes
Dislikes: Cornbeef, Police, Dragons
Fears: Getting eaten by a dragon, going to jail, heights
Hobbies: Playing the violin, playing with his siblings, making up stories.
Habits: Picks the skin by his nails, pulls out grass while sitting on it, cocking head when confused.
Strengths: Music, Jokes, Leading
Weaknesses: Flying, Ambition, Empathy
Worst class: Potions
Best class: Divination
Traits: He is ‘always right’, He is somewhat bossy, he is shy.
Values: Love everyone. Even your enemy…but you can be scared of them.
Thing(s) They Love: His first violin.
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PostSubject: Re: Euan Abercrombie   Mon 20 Apr 2015, 20:38



Credit to Emz
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Euan Abercrombie
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